My little valentines

Yesterday I made a Valentine page in my Art Journal. When I finished I decided it would make a really nice postcard or even Valentine’s card…

So I decided to make more but on a smaller smaller scale. I had a full sized sheet of 18″x 12″ watercolor paper that I decided would easily make 9 postcards. So then the fun began. No I didn’t document step-by-step But I did manage to get this picture for you…

Tomorrow, after they are completely dried, I will turn them upside down, give them a spritz of water and lay heavy books on them to flatten them out. I will check back with you then once I see what they look like.

Let the sorting begin!

I will give you 3 guesses as to what is going to happen in my studio today …and as they say the 1st three don’t count.

Yes I went container shopping yesterday and and since there is no nearby container store I opted for these which I found at Walmart ….$20 cheaper than on Amazon.

Yes my beloved Amazon which would deliver to the door is higher (per unit of the tall ones) with “free” delivery! Lol you need to do your homework before you trust that you are getting the best Deal on Amazon.

So… Let the sorting begin!

Scripture art

Today a group of 8 of us gathered as we embarked on a new journey …that of Scripture Art.

In this session we created our vision of the 1st day of creation. As we read Genesis 1:1 – 6 we had a small glimpse of the beginning. It was amazing to see 8 different interpretations of that event documented in 8 different ways.

In the beginning God-created light and dark and that became morning and evening of the 1st day.

Join us next week after we visit the 2nd day.


Christmas once again

One of my friends told me this morning that she still has not received my Christmas card.. I felt bad. So when I came home I decided to make a new card for her. I don’t know which one I originally sent her because all of my Christmas cards were uniquely and individually created, But I’m pretty sure I shall like this one. This is a picture of the card front, from here it gets mounted to a craft brown card blank.

portrait mode Joy

I created this in portrait mode because I already have the inside of the card attached to the card blank, Minus a personal note which I will put after taking this picture.

Well at least it helped me get something artfully accomplished today! Maybe maybe I’ll even get it mailed.