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So i have a new idea for art that goes with me to art shows. Some art shows. Some are actually focused on ART.. then there are others that seem to draw those who want small art. So to have something for them I had an idea… BUT.. for now I’m only sharing it with my Patreon patrons… after all that’s one of the perks of being a patron.. so if you want to find out more about this Patreon thing… here is a page with the info:


Is there REALLY only 1 definition?

I want to dispel a myth. Some people Think they know what an Art Journal is… and yes, some do. However there is not just ONE definition of what an Art Journal is.

Journal as defined in the dictionary:




  1. a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity. “medical journals”
    Similar:periodical publication magazine gazette digest professional organ review newsletter news-sheet bulletin newspaper paper daily weekly monthly quarterly
  2. a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.”while abroad he had kept a journal”Similar:diaryday-by-day accountdaily recordloglogbookweblogblogvlogmoblogyearbookchronicleregisternotebookcommonplace bookannalshistorydaybook.


  1. To write in a journal or diary. “I journaled extensively during both periods”

Therefore, an Art Journal, im my opinion, is an Art BOOK. I do not practice the verb version of ‘journaling’. I like creating the Art Journals, filling them with my art, my experiements of colors, of textures, of different mediums. Each page is a little piece of art that no one but me needs to ever see, unless i choose to share them .

I also like making the little books. I have about 7 different kinds that I have made. Making covers out of different things, making pages out of different things, adding elements such as flaps, pockets, and such and decorating those parts to entice someone else to possibly write in them, and give them as gifts to those people.

I just wanted you to think about that for a short time. Entertain the idea that Art journals don’t all have to be ‘diaries’!

Below is a short video I made a year ago, showing one unique method of making a journal – a Travel jounal (?) perhaps, or whatever someone would need a little notebook for! and they come in all sizes… I’ll show you another on another day, but for now… press the Play button below and see what you think. I encourage you to comment afterward … and if you like it, be sure to subscribe and/or hit the thumbs Up icon below the video.

My YouTube channel is called Ruth Inman Art in case you want to look me up. (@ruthinmanart4063 in the YouTube search bar)

Thanks… Ruth

Today’s projects

Being sick really stinks…. but i have managed to work on some small pieces of art. I am hoping these will evolve into mixed media postcards. I have one that is further along but i left it at the studio today. so these are the backgrounds I start with. then I’ll gesso them a bit (lightly) or use white paint if i cant find my big jug of gesso (lol).

I also went to the studio today and sorted more gelli prints by color. I determined I need a plastic drawer organizer to put them all in… so far there are 10 color piles and i figure if I get 4 sets of stackable 3’s, that will give me 12 drawers in case I come up with some colors I dont expect.

Here are the storage units Im looking at… i think the one on the right is a winner, but i dont like the price of $21 when I need 4 of them. So I will look further..

Thanks for reading…


PS – after i saved this… i went to and looked up plastic drawer storage…. and found this for $13.48!


Just cautioning on 2 things!…

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