Let’s… Make Art Daily!

Yes, it has been forever since I have posted…Or maybe this is my FIRST post.  I think, after setting this up, I forgot how to get here.. LOL anyway.. I think it’s a good place to start to keep track of what I’m filling my days with while we are Sheltering-in-place trying to stop this horrible virus.  (is there such thing as a good virus?)

So, Yesterday… let’s see what I did… I start a lot of projects each day. Sometimes I have to wait for one stage to dry… other times I have to wait for inspiration to tell me what’s next…  So I may post pictures of things “in progress” just to keep me posting.  Here are a couple of yesterday’s . The one on the left is an experiment using my Elegant Writer pen and some acrylic paint as well as some watercolor paint!  So I guess you could call it Mixed Media.


On the right is a sketch… I have to learn NOT to sketch on lined paper. Sometimes I really like it and then … it’s got LINES thru it. Owell…

That’s it for now. Perhaps I will add a post where I show the rest of what I’ve done this week… Thanks for tuning it!