Month: March 2020

More Art

Well I have been making art, and not posting… but I’ll catch you up here. OK It’s been 4 days since my last post – that was Friday and now it’s Tuesday! So… here are a few things I’ve made in between!… and still going… I’ll tell you about our 1st Friday plan in a minute! These are 9×12’s – 2 are on watercolor paper and one is on canvas. Can you tell which is which?  In fact one of the ‘paper’ pieces I crumpled the paper and folded it before stamping and painting on it… that’s a hint (if it helps).



After making these I decided to use them as ‘mini prints’ to hand out ON 1st FRIDAY to people coming for take-out food at one of the local restaurants. Their idea, not mine… but I love it.. I chopped them up (digitally) and added a strip of info so they would know how and where to follow me, should they decide they like my work. a couple of those look like this:


Next I’ll cut them where the white it and voila! bookmarks and postcards! … Maybe I should send some to my friend’s Judy’s daughter (Katie) who owns a book store in Portland (OR) – “Books With Pictures” …Anyway that’s my task for today.

Here are a couple other things I have created in the past couple days…


I actually made the one on the RIGHT first. I used pencil and Tombow markers and I like it a lot… so I decided to paint it.  My first intention was to use acrylic paint.. but I wanted open pots of color which I didn’t have, so I switched to watercolor. I think it worked out well… different, but well.

So that’s my share for today. Hope you are all finding things to do to keep busy. I’d LOVE to hear what they are. In fact I’d love to hear that ANYONE has found and read my blog! LOL so please post a comment below, even if just to say Hello.




Let’s… Make Art Daily!

Yes, it has been forever since I have posted…Or maybe this is my FIRST post.  I think, after setting this up, I forgot how to get here.. LOL anyway.. I think it’s a good place to start to keep track of what I’m filling my days with while we are Sheltering-in-place trying to stop this horrible virus.  (is there such thing as a good virus?)

So, Yesterday… let’s see what I did… I start a lot of projects each day. Sometimes I have to wait for one stage to dry… other times I have to wait for inspiration to tell me what’s next…  So I may post pictures of things “in progress” just to keep me posting.  Here are a couple of yesterday’s . The one on the left is an experiment using my Elegant Writer pen and some acrylic paint as well as some watercolor paint!  So I guess you could call it Mixed Media.


On the right is a sketch… I have to learn NOT to sketch on lined paper. Sometimes I really like it and then … it’s got LINES thru it. Owell…

That’s it for now. Perhaps I will add a post where I show the rest of what I’ve done this week… Thanks for tuning it!