Month: April 2020

Up-cycle your Trash

Last Thursday our “Tuesday-Thursday Art” group got together on Zoom and created art from trash! Or ‘would be ‘ trash anyway… we saved packaging from things we ate over this ‘still sheltered’ weekend and then used a small painting I made last year as an inspiration piece to recreate with mixed media. Here are some of the results…

Drawing Tree?

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a Great idea… with a little change.  Similar to those little libraries popping up everywhere for people to borrow from or contribute to… this could be a “community tree”…  There needs to be a way to have supplies on hand, or at least the things to hang them with… so if we start with a string around a large tree… and tie strings every so often people could then make their won drawings or small paintings, and poke a hole in the top and tie it to the string!



Apparently the idea for this came from another person’s picture they posted on Instagram which you can see here.

Now we just need ideas on how to leave paper & crayons or something there for kids to draw with? This doesn’t look too bad…. with maybe a large rock holding the papers down in the basket… ?


Ready.. Set… Go!



Another Life?

Today I finally had enough things on my “Get from studio” list that I decided to make a trip over there and pick them up. I had 6 or 8 things listed and as I entered the building it seemed like it had been forever since I had descended those stairs and keyed into the coded doors. I passed by the items on my outer wall, “Hello old friends”,

I had forgotten who I left here. I almost felt I had come to visit them. Sad.  Then I went inside, got out my list and began wandering around finding the items I needed.  As I walked around, I looked at other things, supplies & such and suddenly felt like I had entered a ‘previous life’ space. It was weird!  I have been bingeing a TV show called Timeless lately and I suppose the premise of time travel was in the back of my mind, but it just felt like a space I had previously occupied and I was picking up things to bring to the ‘present’. I guess, in a way, that IS what I was doing.  Go figure.

As I passed the table near the door, I spied some of my alcohol ink coaster sets. I had sold a few of these on prior “1st Fridays” but they weren’t going anywhere sitting here. So I decided to take a few pictures of them and maybe post them on Facebook or my website, or even here.

They are beautiful, if I do say so myself. Sealed and varnished with shiny coats, ready to go to their ‘forever homes’. Do let me know if you are interested. Email me here.  

I also brought some of my blank (inside) Note Cards that were just sitting there all alone on my card rack. No one is buying them since no one can come in!… So I brought a few home, took pictures and if you are interested they are $5 ea or 6 cards for $25 – Just email me and tell me which you would like. I can porch drop off locally (Peoria area) or mail them if not local. Credit Cards, PayPal and checks accepted.


It was a bittersweet visit, but I wanted to keep it short. So I finished gathering and headed out… out to get some lunch at a local hot dog place and go sit with my husband overlooking the Illinois river from our car.




Yesterday was…Friday

Yesterday was Tuesday-Thursday Art day… (Well it was when I started writing this!) Yes, that is the name I gave it… It has to have a name so I can say, OH ITs time for….   and it USED to be called  “Weekly Art” but for obvious reasons… it now needs to be Tuesday-Thursday Art. And we also need a Facebook page…. We meet on Zoom… so why do we need a FB Page??  Oh Ya… so we can 1) share our art once completed and 2) Have a place to put the Zoom meeting link once in there… Hmm seems a bit public to me… but we’re not trying to keep people OUT… just limit to those who want to make art!

So here are my yesterday creations… the theme was Tissue Paper, Watercolor paint and Glue.








This is the worst for trying to center 2 pictures… 

Anyway. We had a great group of ladies present and we had FUN.  Here are a couple of their pieces, I love them all…

I can hardly wait for next Tuesday…. we are saving Wrappers and  Boxes from what we eat for the next project!

Thanks for reading!