Yesterday was…Friday

Yesterday was Tuesday-Thursday Art day… (Well it was when I started writing this!) Yes, that is the name I gave it… It has to have a name so I can say, OH ITs time for….   and it USED to be called  “Weekly Art” but for obvious reasons… it now needs to be Tuesday-Thursday Art. And we also need a Facebook page…. We meet on Zoom… so why do we need a FB Page??  Oh Ya… so we can 1) share our art once completed and 2) Have a place to put the Zoom meeting link once in there… Hmm seems a bit public to me… but we’re not trying to keep people OUT… just limit to those who want to make art!

So here are my yesterday creations… the theme was Tissue Paper, Watercolor paint and Glue.








This is the worst for trying to center 2 pictures… 

Anyway. We had a great group of ladies present and we had FUN.  Here are a couple of their pieces, I love them all…

I can hardly wait for next Tuesday…. we are saving Wrappers and  Boxes from what we eat for the next project!

Thanks for reading!


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