Art Journaling

6x5ArtJournals-AJ I am a non-journaling art journalist.. if that makes any sense… I have never been one to write down my thoughts, not even in a diary as a pre-teen. I don’t think I ever wanted to write them down! So I find it daunting to explain an art journal to people when I don’t journal myself…Some people THINK it’s all about Journaling.

I suppose blogging is like journaling  (that might be why I am inconsistent with that as well). I am a teacher (computer teacher for years) and an entrepreneur so I find myself coming at this from a different angle, I cannot help it… I think about “what can I teach in my class”…”what will people enjoy learning? or doing? ”  I have made 7 different TYPES of art journals, filling NONE of them fully. Just trying to show people that there are MANY different ways (and reasons) for making an art journal.

You might make an art journal to keep a record of a particular event (anniversary, wedding, graduation), a trip, a vacation (honeymoon) OR it might serve to be a place to collect ideas! House remodeling, backyard landscaping, beauty makeovers, or a place to try out New art supplies, new art methods from a workshop you took. There are MANY reasons to create an art journal and you notice I didn’t mention JOURNALING in any of that… what and If you choose to write in one is entirely up to you. ONE recommendation though, based on a journal I just saw of someone else’s…. Date your pages (or at least the beginning and ending of the book). They can be fun to look back on, but more fun if you know When you are looking at it from!

I have a class starting this coming Wednesday (May 6) providing enough people sign up! and we will MAKE the art journal in the 1st class… plus create 2 pages. Then each Wednesday I’ll show you another idea or technique you can use in it. 3 weeks total. Check it out on the Registration page of my website:


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