Trouble in Inspira-dise

Well it isn’t all paradise when you need inspiration. I havent felt really inspired in about 2 weeks… maybe more. Today I finally went back to the layering (intuitive) process to see if it could jog my outcome.  And it Did! Let me show you how this went… there are 3 pictures below. The 1st one is where I started … putting some line work on the canvas just to make it Non-blank. We all know a blank canvas just stares back at you, relentlessly! Then I started adding some color. Turquoise is my goto color these days and a little bit of magenta… Ok… Now it’s definitely not blank.


But I sure didn’t like it… but then you’re not supposed to. The purpose had been met, so now I start covering up things I don’t want to keep… usually I use white paint, but today I used gesso… except that it was thinned out and the black wasn’t entirely dry so it came out grey.  I decided to really wait for it to dry.  THEN I added RED… a drizzle at first which then turned into PINK as it mixed (a bit) with some of the wet gesso… OK so I didn’t wait for it to Thoroughly dry. I’m a bit impatient, what can I say!  So we then have these lovely PINK & Red sweeping strokes with heads on the borders?… Hmmm I’n not sure where this came from but it’s getting somewhere… just QUITE different from the 1st picture, eh?


Ok, so now we start with some of my favorite shapes… Circles. And circles leads me to thinking about wheels, bicycle wheels… and OFF WE GO!


It’s a scary place, peeking inside my mind… it’s even more scarier for me to share it with you. But if you stick around you might witness some more works in the making.

Thanks for sticking it out to the end… See ya real soon!


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