Month: June 2020

Meet Jack!

Ok I didn’t make Jack TODAY, but … I did make something WITH Jack today!… I actually created him as an accessory to once of my other paintings. Here is the original “Creature Feature” in which Jack is one of the cast.

Creature Feature

There are many theories about the fate of the little one at the bottom. But that’s a story for another day. Today we focus on Jack. First you might notice that most of the creatures seem ‘dark’ or shaded. That is because it’s night time. It can be scary at night. So, I painted accompaniment pieces to highlight some of the cast in the daylight! One of them is the focus of today’s ‘feature’.

Meet Jack!

I thought these colors looked a lot more like daytime and happiness that the dimly lit picture of him in the first picture. Don’t you? He is actually almost Smiling in this one! Go ahead, compare them. Anyway, I like him, and I wanted him to have his 5 minutes of fame today.

So, what did I make with Jack today? I thought you’d never ask! Well. I occasionally upload some of my art to a site called Redbubble. They take artists’ art and ‘apply’ it to products. Like Tshirts and phone cases, and shower curtains, and socks… lots of things. Whatever it fits nicely on. After I upload it, it spits out a page showing me how it looks on several of those items. I rearrange it til I like it… then Presto-Chango! it’s done! So to make it easier to show you, I take 10 or so of them and put on one of my Pinterest boards. Then I can take a picture of several of the items on one page to share. And if you’re REALLY interested, you can do 1 of 2 things. 1) you can go to the redbubble site I’ll give you the link below, and search thru my line and see what you like OR 2) you can go to my Pinterest board and look thru several things and click on the item you like, click again and you are magically on Redbubble’s site where you can order the item! Personally I think option 2 is easier on you, but maybe cuz I went to the trouble of setting it up for you… I dunno… So here is a PICTURE of some of Jack’s things… the link follows and if I can figure it out, I’ll make the picture a link so you can click it and go to Pinterest! let’s see….

Many More when you go to the link!

So here is the Pinterest link – altho I DID figure out how to make the picture a link!

Here is the link to MY shop on Redbubble

Thanks for taking the time to meet him!


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Art Supplies

Today I was looking for some new pens. Sakura Pigma Micron pens. It’s amazing to me the sets available in stores and the varied prices. First you have to find the size you want. I don’t particularly like the 005 it’s a bit too much like trying to write or draw with a sewing needle. So I prefer the 01, 03 & 05 … and maybe the 08. Trying to find those has been quite challenging for me today. I did find one set of 16 pens I thought I’d love to have. it included those sizes and a few in between! I could suffer with it including an 005 but Michael’s in Westlake didn’t have that assortment, Amazon did for $29 – as a last minute thought I tried the website for Office Max/Depot/Staples (which is all one store now) and the SAME set was $51 SERIOUSLY???? Ok, may be time for a smaller set. I found a 6 pack that would do quite nicely… Michael’s… was Out of Stock. Amazon and Office etc didn’t even HAVE that set. WTH THIS is frustrating!

Time to call Michael’s and see if they are letting the public in yet. YES they are!!! Off we went to ENTER Michael’s. They had several sets and several loose ones so I could try them out. So much better and I even found a few I didn’t know I needed!

Who knew art supplies could make me happy at the end of the day!?

Hope you’re weekend is going well…

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Let it go… Let it go…

Class Day… The 3rd one of this month. Today we painted lavender stalks and then scanned them into the computer to print out as Note Cards. Funny part is the “practice” lavender turned out to be the best of the lot. Do you ever have that happen? I think it’s because there is no stress (or less) on that one. You already don’t plan on keeping it so who cares what you try. Inhibitions out the window, so to speak. THAT is what’s needed to pull of a really good painting! So why can’t we do that when we TRY to paint a good one? Who knows.. but we must learn to let go. Remember the movie… ? “Let it go… Let it go… ” Yup THAT movie… it’s right. Here is a picture of my favorite one… I won’t post the others. I thought they looked like ‘bottle brushes’ !! LOL Yes.. .indeed.

Have a good weekend all…. and remember… LET IT GO!



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Pretty good day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday I finally did something I have been wanting to do for two weeks. I went strawberry picking. They said they would only be small ones left as most of the large ones had already been picked. They were right but I didn’t care I wanted to go anyway I’m hoping I have enough to make strawberry crisp. But if not I also picked up a small handful of rhubarb at their inside store that I can throw in with it.

After that we had our somewhat impromptu watercolor group for Tuesday Thursday art. This was an off-week so some people were not prepared with a lesson so I just extended last Tuesday’s lesson into Thursday. It was fun, we dropped watercolor onto paper and smushed it around. Then added line work with pen and ink. I quite like the outcome.

Later in the afternoon I wanted to go to a restaurant in the heights called Cayenne’s so we did then we went early which was a good thing. It filled up quickly an hour later. They had 11 different types of tacos wow and they were all different. We each got a pick 3 dinner which allowed us to pick two types of tacos and a side dish. Oddly enough we both pick the same items. And they were delish! But we were so full I think it might have been the chips and guacamole before dinner LOL so dessert was out at least for last night.

Now I’m looking at these strawberries and I think I’m getting ready to make strawberry crisp. I think I better before I eat these one at a time. Ciao! thanks for checking in.