Art is Everywhere!

Wherever you go there is art. There is architecture to look at. There are so many buildings and they are amazing. Some are modern and artsy looking.

While others are more traditional but yet still unique looking.

There are also walls around town, proclaiming their style of art.

Well that art bus isn’t in Peoria ILLINOIS, it’s from Peoria, ARIZONA, but I thought it might give someone ideas to use those wraps here as well! Peoria DOES love its art, and it’s Growing. YAY!!

But yesterday, when I started this post, I saw a Different kind of art. We had just gone to the park on the edge of the river, where I told my husband, the photographer, that you can find things to photograph Everywhere! You just have to LOOK for it. Well, the same goes with Art! If you are OPEN to looking, you will see it… and see it I DID!!

‘Nuff Said… Art is Everywhere!

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