Let it go… Let it go…

Class Day… The 3rd one of this month. Today we painted lavender stalks and then scanned them into the computer to print out as Note Cards. Funny part is the “practice” lavender turned out to be the best of the lot. Do you ever have that happen? I think it’s because there is no stress (or less) on that one. You already don’t plan on keeping it so who cares what you try. Inhibitions out the window, so to speak. THAT is what’s needed to pull of a really good painting! So why can’t we do that when we TRY to paint a good one? Who knows.. but we must learn to let go. Remember the movie… ? “Let it go… Let it go… ” Yup THAT movie… it’s right. Here is a picture of my favorite one… I won’t post the others. I thought they looked like ‘bottle brushes’ !! LOL Yes.. .indeed.

Have a good weekend all…. and remember… LET IT GO!



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