Pretty good day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday I finally did something I have been wanting to do for two weeks. I went strawberry picking. They said they would only be small ones left as most of the large ones had already been picked. They were right but I didn’t care I wanted to go anyway I’m hoping I have enough to make strawberry crisp. But if not I also picked up a small handful of rhubarb at their inside store that I can throw in with it.

After that we had our somewhat impromptu watercolor group for Tuesday Thursday art. This was an off-week so some people were not prepared with a lesson so I just extended last Tuesday’s lesson into Thursday. It was fun, we dropped watercolor onto paper and smushed it around. Then added line work with pen and ink. I quite like the outcome.

Later in the afternoon I wanted to go to a restaurant in the heights called Cayenne’s so we did then we went early which was a good thing. It filled up quickly an hour later. They had 11 different types of tacos wow and they were all different. We each got a pick 3 dinner which allowed us to pick two types of tacos and a side dish. Oddly enough we both pick the same items. And they were delish! But we were so full I think it might have been the chips and guacamole before dinner LOL so dessert was out at least for last night.

Now I’m looking at these strawberries and I think I’m getting ready to make strawberry crisp. I think I better before I eat these one at a time. Ciao! thanks for checking in.

3 thoughts on “Pretty good day in the Neighborhood

  1. How does social distanced restaurant eating look like where you are? In Portland and the coast, half the tables or booths are left empty and there are a lot more outside tables set up. When you say “the place filled up” was it pre-Covid full, or socially distanced full?

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    1. Up until today it has been the same as you described. Outside tables only and then last week a few restaurants opened up inside and were seating every other table…as of today they are supposedly allowed to open up at 50% capacity I think is what I heard on the radio. Personally I prefer to stay eating outside. As long as I can get an umbrella table that keeps me out of the sun.


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