Month: July 2020

It’s here!… it’s here!… it’s finally finally here!!!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for all month! It’s exciting, it’s scary, it was a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to tonight.

What am I talking about? For those of you who don’t know I decided to have an online art show or art reception. Call it whatever you want. But when people are not coming in for first Fridays or open houses we have to find a way to get our art out to you, the public. So this is my event! I have everything set up I think LOL I’m sure I’ll find out otherwise at some point but I’m not going to stress about it. I’ll just fix whatever needs fixing and get on with the show. Here’s what it looks like right now…

And now I am off to get some munchies and libations. Okay wine and cheese maybe some grapes. But in case you would like to join us tonight the live show on Zoom starts at 6 p.m. and you will need the link in order to get in. I also have a link to my web page as a preview, and for those who don’t want to wait in case somebody snaps up the peace they want you can buy it right away on the website. I’ll put both links below.

The Zoom link won’t let you in before 6pm Central time.. .

Join Zoom Meeting

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Good friends, Funny art

I have to tell you when I started seriously working on my art it was an outlet that helped me to feel better each day. And that was all … at the time. It still does that for me, but I have branched out recently. I found a couple companies that will partner with you, taking your uploaded art and imprinting it on their products for sale to the public. I was quite in awe the first time I saw MY art ON something… anything! A mug, a phone cover, a spiral book! (I love spiral books!)

Getting the word out… I found it is up to each artist to share the availability of these products on social media and through emails in order for people to find out about them, so I have. I must say I have some very supportive friends and relatives!

My friend Judy is one of those supportive friends. She recently purchased a scarf with one of my designs on it. In fact she was in the class where I created this design and liked it so much that when I told her it was available on Redbubble she immediately looked at the products and chose this lovely scarf to purchase. I anxiously awaited its arrival to see what it looked like and was genuinely pleased when she received it and bubbled over with excitement! She even blogged about it today LOL. So I stole these pictures off her blog (she’ll forgive me) to share with you.

Gold Heart scarf
Judy with Gold Heart scarf

And then I asked her to spread it out a little bit to show the design…

There really is a gold heart in there

But the funniest thing is yet to be seen. It came with a care instruction tag. Most apparel does, but this one was different. I’m thinking somebody has a sense of humor and thought no one would notice. But we did! It’s in four different languages. Just read the English version and I think you’ll get a giggle.

I’m thinking that would be a lot of fiber

So I just wanted to share this with you today, thank you Judy for the pictures. 😉 and if any of you are interested in seeing the products they have imprinted with my art you can go here:

Thank you!


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Sunflowers galore

Prior to having a class I like to refresh my painting memory on whatever the subject of the day is. Today’s subject: Van Gogh sunflowers. So it holds true that for the last few days I’ve been on a sunflower painting frenzy…

9×12 or 8×10

Now mind you, I have painted sunflowers on my garage so I don’t have to plant them every year. I painted Van Gogh sunflowers on one wall of my guest room. Only to be painted over when my step-son moved in. And apparently I have painted sunflowers absent-mindedly even because when my sister asked me if I had any sunflowers I could put up on redbubble I replied “no I don’t think so”. Only to turn around and start finding paintings of sunflowers here and there. So I guess I really like them hahaha.

I painted more anyway so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today…. And I’m pretty sure that some of these will be up on the block for sale this Friday night. If you’re asking yourself what is happening this Friday night… You either got my artnews email and haven’t read it yet, or you’re not on my mailing list! There is an event happening July 31st if you’re interested in finding out what it is drop me a comment or email me at:


Happy trails and I hope I see you Friday night …on Zoom!

You knew there had to be a funky one didn’t you?


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Patterns ‘n Things

I LOVE experimenting with things to make unusual marks on my artwork. Like using Bubble wrap, crumpled wax paper, papertowels with patterns and other pattern making things.. recently i found a silcone hot pad at walmart… and it’s honeycomb patterned! I cut it up and use it all the time now. THIS one has bubble wrap and this rubbery shelf liner I found .. it prints squares if you use one side and DOTS if you use the other! Both are used (red paint) near the top of this piece. Can you see them?

Patterns are a way of life. Life is a pattern… everything in our lives has or is a pattern… think about it… even the rug Im looking down at has a pattern. Leaves on the trees have them… So who are we to think we can make up a new pattern? All we can do is find ways to put them together in PERHAPS a new arrangement. Then, you are an artist. LOL Sorry, I didnt mean to get so philosophical on you. But in looking out the window… I can see the deer have been nibbling on my patterns… I er.. um… mean leaves… and hostas… and it rained again this morning… so they will all be lush for them tonite.

More patterns… the netting behind these trees… I believe that was from an onion bag!… I thought it somewhat looked like a fence…

I bet you can find a few patterns in this giraffe piece as well… made mostly with gelli prints!.

Thanks for visiting..