Sunflowers galore

Prior to having a class I like to refresh my painting memory on whatever the subject of the day is. Today’s subject: Van Gogh sunflowers. So it holds true that for the last few days I’ve been on a sunflower painting frenzy…

9×12 or 8×10

Now mind you, I have painted sunflowers on my garage so I don’t have to plant them every year. I painted Van Gogh sunflowers on one wall of my guest room. Only to be painted over when my step-son moved in. And apparently I have painted sunflowers absent-mindedly even because when my sister asked me if I had any sunflowers I could put up on redbubble I replied “no I don’t think so”. Only to turn around and start finding paintings of sunflowers here and there. So I guess I really like them hahaha.

I painted more anyway so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today…. And I’m pretty sure that some of these will be up on the block for sale this Friday night. If you’re asking yourself what is happening this Friday night… You either got my artnews email and haven’t read it yet, or you’re not on my mailing list! There is an event happening July 31st if you’re interested in finding out what it is drop me a comment or email me at:


Happy trails and I hope I see you Friday night …on Zoom!

You knew there had to be a funky one didn’t you?


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2 thoughts on “Sunflowers galore

  1. Hey, Ruthie!
    You are really going to town on the sunflowers! The last one looks like the sand snake from Beetlejuice, very cool and funky. They are Bridgett’s favorite flowers, and I’ve been painting some, too. They are all over our neighborhood, so we have lots to copy!


  2. Yeah my sister asked me if I had any sunflowers I don’t know why I said no. And the ones on my garage have been there for 18 years. although we did repaint the garage at one point and I had to put the sunflowers back on that’s when the birds got added… I love love looking at fields and Fields of sunflowers…


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