A little diversion

Well, I stopped for the week! I had signed up for a workshop that was daily just to get my brain in a new place… that it did!… I don’t see this as my permanent style, but it was fun to create.. and it allowed my mind to wander a bit and come up with new classes I wanted to add to my offerings! YAY… so sometimes… mindless work is healthy!

So I will be adding some more Paper Making classes, along with a Mixed Media with a project to USE the paper we make in the 1st class! It takes a couple days to dry so I’ll probably space the out a week or 2 apart…

I also have some Gelli printing on Fabric classes I want to put out there. That is SO much fun!, and then some greeting cards made from gelli printed papers as well! There are just all kinds of ideas rolling around in my head!

But I really just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I’m still here… and have to watch for the new classes on THIS PAGE.

Thanks for being here!


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