Play Dates are FUN!

Grab a friend and make some art! I got together with a friend to try a new process and had the best time! That is how I ended up making these!

They are all on ceramic tile… 2 of the are 4×4″ and the other is a rectangular ‘subway tile’ . They look even better in person!

Playing is the only way you find new things! I encourage it! And if you don’t have supplies… come to one of my classes and try the new things there. This is actually on the schedule now for Oct 1st – it was so much fun I just have to share it!

Check it out!

Hope I see you there!


2 thoughts on “Play Dates are FUN!

  1. Play IS important! Whenever we declare a painting session or dance party here, it is a good day. Making cookies together is good, too, and we have new neighbors that help us eat them!


  2. I love making cookies! I used to make cookies in December with a friend but as her kids grew up we grew apart… So I no longer have anyone to make cookies with 😦 besides all I ever do afterwards is eat them lol. Wish you were here, we could make cookies.


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