It’s OK to be a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere.

“If you don’t feel foolish the first time you try something new, you probably aren’t doing it right.”
― Kara Timmins, Eloy’s Discovery

I ran across this quote today and I find it a good reminder. So many people think they should pick up a paintbrush and have it become a Magic Wand! Sorry, that doesn’t happen. Unless you are Bob Ross, and let’s face it, how many Bos Ross’ are in the world?

So be easy on yourself, be kind to yourself, and start. Start ANYTHING. I heard another good piece of advise this morning, the world NEEDS art. Why does it? Well, apparently the opposite of depression is play. And art is play, so it can lessen a depression.

Here’s something that I hope will cheer you up… I painted this pumpkin with alcohol ink, and sized it so it will fit on Either your Laptop background OR phone for Wallpaper! Go ahead and download it, it’s my gift to you, Oh and it has an October Calendar on it! No APP needed!



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