Collage or Backgrounds, You Decide

Collage or Backgrounds, You Decide

Today, in my Facebook group, Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed! it was FB Live! day… and we created an Extended Page…. and one type of Pocket! I love showing new ideas and tips to people who are interested in Mixing their media types in art. Is that you? Does that describe you? If so, I have some collage papers you can download… yes, free! I created them so you have MY permission to print them to use in collages or mixed media as often as you like… just don’t print to hang or sell please. Here is the link to download them. I’d love it if you shared one of the projects you use it in. You can post pictures on my Facebook Group: Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed OR Ruth Inman Art – both groups are accessible.

Here is a sneak peek at the assortment… Then click the link above. I think you’ll like them.

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