Never Give Up

Sometimes we get an email that just turns on the light bulb! That’s the kind of email I opened today. I decided I had to share this with you and also credit the author, Dan Scott.

It goes like this “Over the past two years I’ve dedicated much of my practice to improving in drawing. It was a weakness but it’s slowly turning into a strength.

I try to fit in at least a few minutes of drawing every day. I date the top corner of each page to track my progress.

I was doing great until recently. Life got in the way. I returned to my sketchbook this morning only to realise my last entry was a couple of weeks ago. And I could feel it. The pencil was unfamiliar in my hand, my strokes timid, and judgement off. Not good, but tomorrow’s a new day!

Being consistent is one of the most effective things we can do to progress in art (and anything for that matter). Turn up every day. Create something, learn something, doodle in a sketchbook. It all adds up over time.

It also builds momentum. Each day builds on the last. It’s much easier to keep going with momentum behind you than it is to start from a standstill.

With that being said, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been consistent. Life happens, especially this year. But it’s worth trying your best to be as consistent as possible. I almost always feel better after drawing or painting. Even if it’s just 5 minutes on the couch before bed. The feeling of pencil hitting paper or brush hitting canvas seems to have a magical effect.

I’ll be taking my own advice this week. I have my brushes and pencils ready. I’ll share any new lessons learned.

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Happy painting!

Kind regards

Dan Scott

Thank you Dan I think we all could benefit from your advice.

Ruth Inman

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