Month: December 2020

Last Minute Shopping?

Coupon good on all items in Art-Store except Note cards , Gift cards and calendars.

Sorry but there are people out there still shopping and NEEDING an idea for a present! And there are people out there NEEDING art or artful gifts ANd.. well.. it’s 20% OFF!!!

I think those are good reasons for posting this today. If you know someone still shopping… share it with them!

Merry Merry!

Turtle Doves

Did YOU know what a turtle dove looks like? I Didn’t! So I turned to my trusted friend.. Google! and of course there were the few odd ones that tried to put turtle shells on doves but I kept on… and found a picture of a Real Turtle Dove!

Their feathers are colored and shaped somewhat like a turtle’s shell! But so pretty! Until I tried to sketch one. I admit I am NOT a drawer… never have been, but I can sometimes follow along with a picture to somewhat resemble it. So this is my sketch result AND the picture it came from. I’m sure it will look better after I throw some paint on it, and maybe some glitter! OK no glitter… (takes all the fun out). But I’ll check back with ya and let you know how it went!

Have you ever tried to sell a piano?

I think it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to do. I actually tried giving it away for free at first. I didn’t pay anything for it so I didn’t think it would be right to make money off of it. I just wanted someone else to have it that would actually play it. I am just not good at practicing and without practicing playing the piano is an elusive dream.

So my first step was to put out an ad for a free piano. Well I quickly learned that people thought a free piano meant I had a piece of junk. Not the case at all. Okay fine. I raised the price to $25. Now suddenly I get calls from all ends of the Earth. Everybody wants it! Can you take a picture of it for me? Even though I already submitted one. Can you send me a video clip so I can hear how it plays? What shape are the pedals in? Will it need to be retuned? On and on and on went the questions. I answered them all as best I could. But all of these calls resulted the same. Everybody wanted it but nobody was able to come and pick it up. After all it would require a truck and a ramp and three or four strong guys. That’s all, not a lot.

I’m hoping this week will be different. I have somebody that actually wants to buy it as a Christmas present. And since I have somebody else interested in it I told them I would have to show it to the other person unless they paid for it to hold it. That action is supposedly happening now. I hope it works out for them, they really want to buy this as a present for someone and I think that would be beautiful.

Update!: They actually paid me through PayPal last night. That is a good sign… But they want to pick it up closer to Christmas so we’ll see how that goes.
Update 2: Not picked up yet…