Month: February 2021

Canvas and Frames and Boards, oh my!

Along the lines of organization I wanted to share with you a picture of the shelving system my husband built in the closet of my art room. As my collection of canvases started to grow I found I was in need of room to not only store them but organize them by size. This solution provided both.

This picture was taken a few years back before I moved into my off-site studio.

If you have organizational methods that you have used I would love to see pictures of them. While I know you cannot post pictures in the comments you can post links that go to pictures if you have them stored in a shared cloud or on your website.

On my next visit to my off-site studio I will take a picture of yet another storage area he built over there for frames and canvases.

I hope you all have a wonderful week creating art and if you need some inspiration feel free to check in on Facebook at Ruth Inman art or on YouTube where my channel name is… You guessed it, Ruth inman art 🎨

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Must Get Out

Venturing out after being home a full day being sick in bed… Destination pancakes! Where better than Original House of Pancakes!!

Best coffee EVER and strawberry pancakes

Sorry my picture took place after I cut everything up! I was so eager to dive into this luscious treat!

Well it seems I might have been a bit hasty in devouring a full meal… not quite healed but getting closer.

Thanks for checking in…

Heart Month calls for Hearts Galore!

Welcome to Heart Month!!

I worked feverishly to get something up on Redbubble for the month of February… I was short sitedly thinking Valentine’s Day! But somewhere along the way, someone mentioned to me… “You know, February is Heart Month, you don’t have to rush!”

Heart Month… ahh yes – the month we remind others (and ourselves) to take care of their hearts! a time when the nation spotlights heart disease, the No. 1 killer of Americans. (not Covid) President Lyndon Johnson declared it Heart Month in 1964.

Did you know… 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with heart disease annually?

Did you know... The first Friday of American Heart Month, was also National Wear Red Day as part of the AHA’s Go Red for Women initiative. (Maybe we should change it to Every Friday in February!?)

Then I realized this painting-turned-print is not only a “heart related” piece, but a love related. Reaching for Love is one of the best things we can do – all year round – ! Everyone wants to feel loved, so let’s do something this month to let those in our lives KNOW they are loved. maybe we could even do something for our ‘neighbors’ to let THEM know they are loved. (or at least cared about)

…so it’s well time it makes it way to the Redbubble crowd so we can obtain products adorned with it. And it you really must have the original, well that is in my studio and will be posted on my website this afternoon under the Art Store (originals).

Remember to celebrate Heart Month, ALL Month, and ALL Year long!

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