Month: March 2021

Fast and Easy Backgrounds

I have another post to share with you on the papers I was making but I’ll do that later … right now I wanted to share a video with you – for those who say they just don’t have time to sit and make art.

The first thing you look at making (usually) is a background on your paper or in your art book. Then you need to wait for it to dry…. so.. .what if you made your backgrounds at one sitting and had them ‘at the ready’ for when you then want to actually CREATE! ? Fab idea… I do it all the time… just flip open your book and start a background. You may want to make several in different colors so whatever mood you are in when it’s time to create, you have a color for each mood. Here is ONE idea of fast backgrounds. I will have more to show you SOON!

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The New Light of Day

My how things can change in a day. The paper I used turned out to be much thinner than I realized. It’s watercolor paper but a much lesser grade than I normally use. When you are putting a lot of liquid down you want the paper to be able to hold it. These papers leaked through to the table I was working on. Fortunately I keep a plastic cover on the table just for this reason.

So, to remind you from whence it came, here is the 1st layer’s photo from Thursday evening…

I worked on all 3 of these yesterday but only photographed 2 of them.The third one was off on a different table drying… Here are those 2….

Indeed… What a difference a day makes…I actually hate that I’m going to cut them up!! But that is what they were planned for so I’m sure it will be fine.

Have a great weekend!


My Daily Dose

Making our daily is a little more difficult than one would think. I do try to make sure that I do something everyday It may not be bringing a project to completion it may only be one small step. I’m going to try and get better about showing you what I’m doing each day since that is what I named this blog.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, inks

So I’m going to start with yesterday’s since it is now dry. By no means is it complete it is only the first layer of a project, but it’s what I did and I had fun doing it I will work some more on it today and hopefully take pictures before I leave my studio so that I can put pictures up of it tomorrow or Monday. Feel free to comment and let me know what you are doing in the way of art? I really want to know!

Stay safe and have a good weekend!


Spring is in the air!

I know it’s coming… I can feel it coming! Can’t you? The weather is so nice today It actually hit 59 I don’t know if it made it to 60 because I am now in my studio. I have decided I need to paint spring!

Uggg but first I need to clean off a spot to do it!


No seriously. I need help! What? You’re not here yet? LOL…That’s okay You were just most likely ask me where things go and I would spend all of my time directing you instead of doing it myself. Wait that actually sounds kind of good haha just kidding I actually like putting things away. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and then I can start messing it up all over again; isn’t that how it works?

Well I painted this yesterday

Emergence of Spring

So now it needs to be sealed and then it will be ready for a new home.

What are you doing to prepare for spring? How will you welcome it into your home or your lives? I would love to hear what you’re planning, we’ve had months to plan. Leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by.