FUN classes! (we all need fun)

One day this month I offered a class called Gelli Printing and Matisse. I love Matisse’s “cut outs” method and wanted to share it with a class. Most people who come for Gelli printing have no idea what to do with the beautiful prints they make once they are done, so this seemed like a perfect fit! Here are some of the cutouts from the class and a previous class…

If you look close you can see which cutouts were modeled after which statues or pictures… it’s easy to think, Oh they could have done that better… but then take into account you are only given 2 min in which to cut out each one. Yes, that sheds a new light on things.

At any rate, I saw the result of one person’s cutouts and wanted to share them with you. I don’t know if she put them in her Art Journal or not but they look like they would be Great in there!! Cris Gabelhausen Potthoff was the student who sent in pictures of her results… and here they are!

Thanks Cris, for allowing me to share them with the readers!

If you want to see what other FUN classes I have to offer… look here.

Until Next time….


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