Month: May 2021


It has been a WEEK . . . or two. I have been getting ready for Enrollment to open on my new course “Art Journal Secrets” – and it DID Open… Friday May 28th!!!… and will close Sunday, June 6 (at 6pm central) WHEW!!! (HERE is a link if you want to know more about it).

AND… for people who might not be familiar with me or my teaching style,… I also made available a 3-day LIVE (Zoom) Mini Class(FREE)… with art journal “stuff” in it… more of a Demo, as there isnt really time for a work-along but it’s enough to be able to see me and what I’m like, etc… so people will feel more comfortable signing up for Art Journal Secrets – the Digital course.

SO much work went into both those events… and the 3-day Free Taste class starts Wednesday, June 2nd – at 1pm Central time… but you have to sign up in order to get the Zoom link! Here is where you can sign up, if you’re interested.

1a6583I feel like I have run a marathon.. and now it’s time for the party, but I’m .. Pooped!

Rain… rain… go away

We have had QUITE ENOUGH. And now I hear Sunday will be 90 degrees… ohh the humidity!… I arrived at the studio a couple days ago and I was waiting for others to arrive and it was raining… so i was not in any hurry to get out of my car. I too this picture and posted it on Facebook, and later looked at it and thought… that would make a nice abstract! (I havent painted it yet) so I’m holding on to it.

So then I searched for pictures others might have taken in the rain…. and I found a few good ones…

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So there is some painting inspiration… or maybe a collage….

Enjoy the day! No rain.


Overcast day activity

Today was my watercolor card class. Technically it was more watercolor than card. I started at the beginning showing them how to make a value chart, which is very important if you want to learn how to make washes of a color.

From there we worked on using very light colors to indicate petals in the background versus dark colors of petals in the foreground… Like these corn flowers…

They did very well actually I think sometimes explanations help even more than showing someone how to do it. The why behind it is very important. So we had a corn flower day. A great activity for an overcast day.