Rain… rain… go away

We have had QUITE ENOUGH. And now I hear Sunday will be 90 degrees… ohh the humidity!… I arrived at the studio a couple days ago and I was waiting for others to arrive and it was raining… so i was not in any hurry to get out of my car. I too this picture and posted it on Facebook, and later looked at it and thought… that would make a nice abstract! (I havent painted it yet) so I’m holding on to it.

So then I searched for pictures others might have taken in the rain…. and I found a few good ones…

Best Indoor Activities in Auckland, New Zealand for Rainy Day Fun!
10 Examples of Remarkable Rain Photography - Corel Discovery Center | Rain  photography, Rain drops, Rainy days
10 Things to do in Bali When it Rains | BALI VILLA ESCAPES
8 Tips for Protecting Outdoor Cannabis Crops Against Heavy Rain During  Harvest Season - Cannabis Business Times
MLB Holding Opening Day in Cold-Weather Cities Lacks Common Sense -  InsideHook

So there is some painting inspiration… or maybe a collage….

Enjoy the day! No rain.



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