Why “Make Art Daily” ?

Sometimes we wait for the perfect opportunity or block of time to sit down and create art. We want everything to be Just right. Those moments are usually few and far between… or.. .might not come at all. You would be surprised (perhaps) to find out how refreshing and relaxing it is to just take 15 minutes and create something.

Yesterday I didn’t have time to paint at the easel, or drag out my art journal and all the supplies I might want to use with it. So you know what I Did do? I reached for a book, not to read, but one of my found-at-the-resale-shop books I use in art projects and I tore pages out of it; maybe 10. Then I tore those in half, only in half because I didnt know the ultimate size I would want, and then I painted some of those 1/2 pages… some purple, some teal, some purple AND teal. And Done. And I felt good! how long did that take? MAYBE 10 minutes. But now I have those purple and teal pages to use in a project.

Waiting for the perfect time will usually leave you feeling unfulfilled. “Because while we daydream of sumptuous + luxurious + floaty afternoons immersed in our world of art… life doesn’t necessarily work that way.” Something good to remember would be, loosen up your requirements for now. Seize the moment and do with it what you can. 15-30 minutes is more time than you think, it’s time enough to keep your creative juices flowing and satisfied.

So, WHY make art daily..? To keep the creative juices flowing…. ANY art on a bad day is better than NO Art on a good day. And It helps you imagine a more hopeful future.

Thanks for readying!


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