Month: August 2021

Less Creative Start this week

The rest of my week was uneventful in the art making department. Especially since I spent all of it in bed! Sore throat, to a cough, to a deep chest full … ya… Yuk. All. Week Long. In fact today was the 1st day I really felt like cabin fever had hit… I needed to get out. I had a meeting at my studio so that worked for me . But now… my Husband has what I had. Started the same… sore throat, and coughing. Good Grief… so he’s been home sick today.

Last Night I had a little bit of creativity hit me… and I had an idea for an art journal page…. or a postcard… or both! So I started it… there’s 3 layers on this, and I will add more of other things, but these 3 layers are pure… Coffee… it smells SO good. Well darn! I thought I took pictures of them… 3 postcards. Oh well, I can tomorrow. Meanwhile…

I have this little Moleskin sketch book that I had decided a while back would be my Bird sketch book. I promptly mis-laid it and it surfaced this week! So I’m adding it to my purse and I thought I’d take a few pictures of my sketches..

I also sent a postcard to a dear friend but I thought it’d be ok to share the ‘outside’ of it with you. But then again,… postcards are viewable by the world!

…and how my week ended

Tuesday (I thnk) brought some good and unexpected news… I was awarded Honorable Mention at the Illinois Art League Member Show for my entry of “Peek“! I was thrilled and honored – Peek wanted to ride the rides at the carnival but he was too short…

“Peek” by Ruth Inman, 2021 (20″ x 16″)

Thursday I woke up with a frog in my throat… (Hmmm) … but I got thru the online class fine where we painted and ink detailed a cute little night time scene. Thenmy Friday morning class of 1 was ok, as we sit at a table that is more than 6′ apart, and I had no further symptoms at that point. Same for my 1pm meeting, they sat on “That” side… while I stayed on “This” side.

Next up was the Artist Meet ‘n Greet at the galery where my Ursula was on display, sitting up straight on her chair. I wore a mask most the time and talked with less than 6 people and left when my feet no longer wanted to up stood on.

Husband & I met for dinner, and after being turned away at 2 places for ‘no reservation’ we found a place that had a table for 2 outside. Dinner was wonderful, mostly raving about the cream of Mushroom soup. I have never seen it like this before and was quite skeptical… BUT OH MY GOSH! I have never tasted it so good! (Albeit they needed to strain the pepper? bits from the bottom of the soup) WOW!! – AND we had a very talented Sax player entertaining us on the sidewalk during dinner! He was wonderful… Thank you nameless sax player!

After dinner we walked the 2 blocks down to the small strip mall where MORE music was playing and a new winery had opened. We went inside as the music was so loud my head was beginning to hurt and conversation was impossible. The wine was good, I tried the mango moscato, but I eagerly await the Ice Wine they will be having in a couple weeks, arriving from California!

I was beginning to feel draggy so we went home after 1 glass of wine, where i sat in my recliner and basically fell asleep. I had began coughing a little bit before that, but by morning I had a full blown COUGH. (The kind from DEEP DOWN)… Not happy with this development, I did check my temperature and it was a little high for MY normal… so I did the respectable thing… got on the internet and arranged an appointment for a covid test. Sheesh… really? Best to be sure. So I am spending the day sitting at home watching the birds out my front window and maybe I’ll sketch a new one… maybe.

And THAT my friends…. is the REST of the story… (of the week)

Catch ya after my test tomorrow!

The Covid test came back Negative – YAY!! It turns out I have a Sinus Infection… Boooo….


How my week started . . .

I’m really getting tired of this ‘short term memory loss’. I cross the room with an intention of doing something and by the time i put my laptop on the table and sit… I’ve forgotten what it was! Anybody with me out there??

Blogs are really tough to keep up on especially if you are involved in 15 other things! (And who isn’t) So all I can do it try….

You might have seen my previous soft sculptured BIRD that I made to sit on a “Chair” that I also made…. if not, here it is..

Ursula the Upright

So now Im working on making another one! Right now it looks like a GOURD! LOL Maybe I’ll name him Gordy!! Anyway it’s a way for me to take a breather from all the other stuff I have going on this week and next…

So yesterday I went to get gas… and the Gas flap door of my car WOULD NOT OPEN. It’s made to stay locked until you unlock the driver door… which I did SEVERAL times… to no avail. I gave up and went home, we googled it and found a special tool you can open it with that we just happened to have at home! After getting it open I went and got about $20 of gas until I could go to my “regular” gas station. What a mess! Anyway, that is how my week started!