These are the days of our lives…

The art festival was a success in spite of the many challenges we faced pulling it off with short notice, hot weather and absentee food trucks.

We had fun, we had people, we had dogs! And we sold art. We learned a lot of things to do differently for next year. Onward and upward as they say.

The rest of this week I will spend come completing the build of my tall bird Family. I’m hoping to get it installed into the store window next Monday but there are quite a few steps left.

In the meanwhile I took my studio through a cleaning process is process in order to accommodate a small group of acrylic artists coming tomorrow morning. Here are Before & After pictures…

To be fair you cannot see everything in the 1st picture there was so much more to put away… It took my entire morning.

Also yesterday I decided I should go and harvest my 1st 1st and most Orange pumpkin from the pumpkin from the pumpkin patch outside my window. I feel today that it might have been a little premature but I am quite proud of this pumpkin.

There are several more out there and I even found 2 more babies starting yesterday So there will be several pictures yet to come.

But for now I must get back to my paper mache work…



2 thoughts on “These are the days of our lives…

  1. So much going on! The end of summer, harvest, art project and such… busy!
    Today Ndlson and I walked to Zach’s for hot dogs and then walked through the Richmond neighborhood coming home. Nifty front yard decor, folks to chat with, and dogs.
    to be clear, WE, personally, have NO fruit trees. But our nigh or hood is fat and happy!
    So glad you had a good Art sale day. My daughter Katie had a pop up book shop at a food cart pod last week during Rose City Comic Con and sold 3/4 of the books she took! In three hours, they equaled a good Saturday’s sales… … and the shop was still open, and selling there, too.
    More later!

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  2. What is a Food cart pod?? Sounds fun! I am now working every day on my large bird family to install in the store window next week….whew… large project! But I love the designing and planning of it… pictures in messenger


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