My Dream . . . My Space . . .

As a kid I used to go to summer camp on a farm, living in the city it was the first exposure I had to rural life, farms and animals. As I recall it encompassed about 265 acres of land (at the time) … and we had an Art Workshop… I loved that place. I can still see it in my mind. BIG art tables in the middle of the room, lined up end to end – maybe 3 or 4? and Tons of supplies in cabinets and on shelves around the perimeter of the room… Those are some of the happiest memories from my childhood.

I had a dream …to create a place like that, which would be FUN to come to…. with lots of art supplies to make anything you want, and a FUN place to create art in. …

Uh-oh… I think I’ve done it! Here are some pictures of my studio. It’s Bright, It’s Colorful, and it is definitely FUN! Truly my home-away-from-home. I do tend to rearrange many times per year, so I will need to post new pictures of the latest re-do, but I’m so glad to have been able to bring my childhood back to life.

I look forward to sharing this space with you . .

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