Month: December 2021


Today I started out like any other day watching YouTube videos, looking things up on Instagram, and Facebook, and pinterest and suddenly I decided I had better get myself in gear if I was going to the studio.After getting dressed I looked out the door and what did I see? Snowflakes fluttering down gently from the sky. My husband said they won’t stick because the ground isn’t cold enough.

So off I went driving through the snowflakes. As it turned into a wintry scene I was beginning to doubt the part about not sticking. I stopped at Starbucks to pick up some nourishment some nourishment and then again add a local thrift store. By the time I got to the parking lot for my studio we end up with quite the Winter scene.

Now I am seriously doubting the no stick theory. However Alexa assures me that temperatures are going up and by 3 PM it should be In the mid 40s. Certainly that will melt what’s on the ground. Right?

OK then on with the show!! I am gathering tools and looking for my black stabillo pencil. We are going to collage today. I love collaging… it is freeing. Post ya later!

Every Day???

I have friends that blog every day. E V E R Y Day… HOW??? I dont know what to write or when to fit it into my day! I DID however MAKE art today… well, pieces to become a part of art… I used a set of dies which were loaned to me by a friend and I ‘cut out’ white evergreen trees and snowflakes! (Thanks Sue) The evergreens I feel will become green in one way or another… else the wouldn’t be EVERgreens…

I am determined to STILL get my Christmas cards out… call them New Year’s cards if you like… but it’s been a busy MONTh so the fact that I even have my LIST made, and most of the envelopes written out, postage Bought! and perhaps most of the hand made cards done on the outside… I’d say that is an accomplishment. All that is left is the inside…. the difficult part. (for me) …

So, off I go to finish the task… Hugs to all and to all a goodnight!


January schedule!

UPDATE: The calendar has changed so I’m going to post it Below… but for Up-To-The-Minute accuracy, be sure to check the WEBSITE:

Ok, the Holiday Open house has come and gone. What fun! Now it’s time for some serious Art! And scheduling January classes. I have most of that done, but I’d like to hear from You! What classes would YOU like to see on the calendar? So far I have the following:

But there’s room for a couple more if you have ideas. Comment below or email me directly.