Month: January 2022

They say it’s my birthday

Today marks the anniversary of my birth. They call that my birthday. Why is it not called my born day? I was born on this day I did not give birth. My mother is the one that gave birth so it should be her birthday.

In either case I will be glad to be the one to eat the cake! I love cake…. I love cupcakes. I truly wanted to make a Tres Leche cake for today But with only 2 of us in the house to eat it, and neither one of us needing it, it didn’t seem the prudent thing to do.

Or maybe even a coconut cake! I have a friend named Betty who makes a coconut cake to die for. No kidding, you actually have to die for her to make one lol

But as much as I would even love a coconut copen that cake the same problem persists. There are only 2 of us in our house and we do not need a full cake to have to devour.

Enter the birthday email! I received an email last week from a restaurant in our area that we like to visit occasionally, offering a free dessert with the purchase of an adult meal. No problem! We love their desserts as well. And here is a picture of what I will be enjoying tonight after dinner.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes in person, on phone, in Facebook and email. You’ve made my day.

And now YOU can too!

Help spread Love during February Heart month!

So many people gave me feedback on the heart page from last post that I decided to make it the focus of our February Zoom Art class. There are many pieces that go together for this piece, and February is Heart month ALL…. Month….. Long….. (Not just until Valentine’s day)

So! This will be our objective and we will gather materials from home, and you’ll be surprised what we use to make this or Your version of this…

Sign up in advance so you can get the LINK and Supplies list in time for the class. The class dates will be February 8, 10, 22, 24th @ 1:00 pm Central time.– on ZOOM. Please have zoom installed ahead of time, if you need help doing that, email me (well ahead of class day) and I’ll be glad to help.

Here is the signup link – Hope I see you sooon!


My little valentines

Yesterday I made a Valentine page in my Art Journal. When I finished I decided it would make a really nice postcard or even Valentine’s card…

So I decided to make more but on a smaller smaller scale. I had a full sized sheet of 18″x 12″ watercolor paper that I decided would easily make 9 postcards. So then the fun began. No I didn’t document step-by-step But I did manage to get this picture for you…

Tomorrow, after they are completely dried, I will turn them upside down, give them a spritz of water and lay heavy books on them to flatten them out. I will check back with you then once I see what they look like.

Let the sorting begin!

I will give you 3 guesses as to what is going to happen in my studio today …and as they say the 1st three don’t count.

Yes I went container shopping yesterday and and since there is no nearby container store I opted for these which I found at Walmart ….$20 cheaper than on Amazon.

Yes my beloved Amazon which would deliver to the door is higher (per unit of the tall ones) with “free” delivery! Lol you need to do your homework before you trust that you are getting the best Deal on Amazon.

So… Let the sorting begin!