Month: February 2022

SO Fun!

Well I actually HAVE been making art the last few days, so much so that I have neglected you, my DAYS,,, my pals… so I thought I would take a breather and catch you up.

My dining room table this morning

I actually had a few moments to look in a magazine the other day. Our internet has been down for 2 days so I picked up an art journaling magazine from last summer. It was wonderful! even though I never got past page 19. There was an article in it about a lady who recycles her magazines into art journals. Well! Not only do I love making art journals, I love recycling things as well. So the more I read, the more excited I got. At one point I finally decided to see if perhaps the artist had more pictures on Facebook or a website. So I looked her up on Facebook, found someone that sounded like her but the art they were displaying didn’t quite look the same. So I sent a message off to her asking if she were one in the same. Much to my surprise … within 10 minutes there was a reply! One of the reasons I was so surprised is because it was not quite 5 a.m. yet! LOL we chatted in messenger for a while before I said ” What are you doing up at 5 a.m. and… please don’t tell me I woke you up?” As it turns out I Did wake her up and I spent the next ten minutes or more so alternating between begging her to go back to sleep and asking her yet another question. Maybe someday she’ll forgive me and we can actually have a daytime chat…

Meanwhile later that day I dug out a couple magazines that were in the condition she described, ready to be tossed, I was determined to make an art journal in the fashion that she described.

(Note here: I am certainly not short on art journals but I love learning new methods and new ways to recycle or repurpose items which otherwise would be thrown away)

I am working on this new journal now and have been for the last 2 days! I have to say I find it relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Here are a few pictures of what I have so far. I will follow up with more pictures later in the week.

Some of those pages have wrinkled a bit but after they dry completely I will try pressing them flat and probably give them some doodling, maybe some journaling, and probably a final varnish coat. Side note: journaling is not a requirement in an art Journal. For me an art Journal is all about the process of putting it together using art. Thanks for tuning in!

UPDATE: I found out from the originator of this that only GLUE STICK should be used, the wet glue is probably what caused the wrinkling! DUH.

Preparing the day

Well today we are told that we are going to have some very bad weather. Snow. Lots and lots of snow. I hope Nicole will be happy, but I on the other hand need to prepare for a day (or 2) of Art-ing at home.

So what does this mean? Well it means that I have to have enough paper, or canvases. I need to have enough paint …pencils …markers …charcoal …China markers, and ink to keep me distracted from the snow. Oops I cannot forget my posca markers.

Do I know what I am going to create? No absolutely not! But one must be ready when creativity Strikes!

Scripture Art – Week 4

Today was the 4th week of our Scripture Art group and we created our artistic renditions of when God created the Sun, Moon and Stars for the earth. Every week I can’t wait to see all of the (Completely) different products from this group! Here are a few of the creations.

So Easy

I wanted to show people just how easily you could make heart themed postcards.

My 1st step was to get a bunch of paint onto a piece of watercolor paper. I started out with watercolor paint But I wasn’t getting the colors that I wanted and I wanted some brighter colors to put over the darker colors and for that you have to turn to acrylics. So I got out the acrylics and I just made a big mish mash on this paper.

After letting it dry I drew some hearts using Gray paint.

Once I had enough of them on there I then filled in the rest of the paper with Gray paint…

Now you might think that it stopped there because this could look like a lovely postcard in itself. However you can’t tell the size from this picture and this is actually the size of 2 postcards. So I cut it in half almost right down the middle. And while I know you expect to see a picture of them, I just realized that I left those 2 postcards in the car and have not yet taken a picture of them!! I will do so and I will update this post shortly. So go ahead have some fun …. make your own postcard just get some craft paint at the dollar store and some cheap watercolor paper. Here comes the picture…

You can stop here … or you can embellish as you desire. I like to jazz things up a bit with a white gel pen and something shiny like gold… that will be next.

Ta Da!