Month: March 2022

The art of human kindness

This morning’s blog is not so much about art as it is about the art of human kindness and compassion. Caring, love and kindness is what we need more of.

As I was driving down the hill this morning there were other people in vehicles wanting to merge onto the highway with me and so I moved over a lane giving them room to do so. I am not toubting myself as being better than anyone else I’m just stating a fact that it doesn’t take much to make room for others.

I moved over for an ambulance. I don’t know if it was carrying a person but if it was carrying me I would certainly be grateful for people that moved out of the way.

I moved over for service truck along the side of the road and I don’t know if he needed to merge onto the road or if he was about to get out of his truck to perform some roadside service but I know that if it was me I would be grateful for any one that moved out of the way.

I moved away from a little elderly lady driving a station wagon across the bridge who started drifting into my lane. When I saw her driving very tentatively I realized she probably did not like being on the bridge or on a highway of fast-moving vehicles or maybe even behind the wheel of a vehicle. And I know that if it was me I would be grateful for any one that moved out of my way.

I think most of this falls under that “Golden Rule” that I believe most of us were taught growing up, to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Upon realizing that, I thought my greatest gift today would be to share this with you. I hope you find it encouraging and caring as it was meant to be. Have a great day and show a little love and kindness just someone along the way. Move out of the way for someone today. They will be grateful. Trust me.

Ok the class area

I managed to get couple more places suitable for photography. This is the class area which can be expanded when needed. Right now three tables seems just right. We can have six people or we can pull them out farther and add people on the inside of the circle nine is comfortable. There is another table option to add when needed.

In this next picture we were preparing for a silk scarf class where each person requires their own full table because of the length of the scarf.

Happy trails as I move on to my personal work space. Shoemaker is always the last to get shoes. XOXO

Oh my aching back!

But you don’t want to hear about that. I know that you would much rather see pictures of the progress of my Studio. Okay I don’t blame you. So here are a couple pictures of the entryway as you walk through the door. What a difference!

I am already breathing easier. I would love to take pictures and show you the other side of the room which is situated probably the way I want it and it will stay However the surfaces are cluttered at the moment and it just wouldn’t make a good picture. So I will work today and tomorrow to get things put into their respective places and maybe then I can take some update pictures oh, maybe even a video!


Since I have Explore Lent thru Art classes on Wednesdays and Scripture Art on Sunday afternoons I found that I needed to make these changes in phases. Today will be phase 3 and I’m hoping some people come to help as I have things today that require a person on each end. Not heavy just awkward. It is nice come together slowly because it allows me times to make decisions in between.

Here are some of the pictures before and during. The class area is an interim spot but the configuration will remain the same just moved over 12 ft to the right. Come on by if you’re in the area I’ll be there today until noon. I might order pizza for those who help……Ruth