Month: April 2022

April is slipping away

Wow …how a week flies by that’s amazing! During this past week I have completed the Wednesday night “exploring lent with art” class, the Earth Day for season 3 class, and the Sunday afternoon “scripture art” class. Whew! Here are a few pictures.

The above three pictures are from Scripture ART. During the sixth day when God created humans and animals to populate the Earth.

These three are the 4-season tree from Earth Day.

I’m not finding pictures from the last Lent class ?…but these three are showing their books from the previous week which are amazing in themselves… I introduced neurographic art to them, it works with the subconscious mind through art, if you want to know more about it …contact me.

So that about winds up the art week… next week I have some exciting news to share with you pertaining to what’s happened this week so far so stay tuned!

Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches I start thinking about all the different seasons we get to enjoy on this planet. So my celebration this year will be to paint a four-season tree on a globe shaped (round) canvas.

4 Season Tree

I have opened this class to the public and there are 3 seats left if you are so inclined. It will take place in my studio, not online. This sample is my rendition of the Four Season tree. Sign up and I will help you with your version. But you must sign up in advance which means you really only have until tomorrow since Earth day is Friday .

UPDATE: There are now 2 time options on Friday for this class!! 10:00 am or 1:00 pm Here are the TWO LINKS for you to choose from!

Here is the sign up link:



I hope I see you there!


The week in review

I have a friend I used to meet with for coffee and updates and we have an unusual way of reviewing with each other what we’ve been up to. In this day of… “use your cell phone for everything” we found that we both were prone to taking lots and lots of pictures. So it made it easier if we just went through the pictures and it reminded us what we had been doing since we last got together. I decided to try that here because it has been busy 7 days since my last post.

So my last post was written the day before our open house at the studio. I must say I was disappointed in the turnout. All of us who participate put a good deal of work into the display as well as the work. In addition we bought a new Banner sign to put out on the grass near the busy street figuring this would make more people aware of our presence. 😦 we did actually get a couple new people that came in because they saw the sign, so that’s a good thing. Hopefully more will come next month.

Last Sunday afternoon we had Scripture Art class and we created pages in our book to illustrate the 5th day of creation… sea life and birds. Many different mediums were used so you definitely could call this a mixed media event.

In my Wednesday Lent class we finished up our Open Hearts from the previous week where we talked about loving with an open heart and we moved on to “Valuing the vulnerable”. This was a tough topic as far as art goes so I did a little research on it and some thinking and decided that in order to value the vulnerable in our community we need to Open our eyes to see them. So the topic became “open my eyes” and we worked on these lovely eyeballs.

I also had a class where we painted a beach on Natural Stone. This turned out beautiful as well as fun and we even used coarse pumice for the beach. If you haven’t taken the class with me painting on Natural Stone you really should try this.

I’ll save the April Showers for next time….if you want to know about more fun classes to sign up for… check out this page:

Thanks for reading!