Gold is Hard!

Let me explain that. I don’t mean a gold bar is hard, I think we all know that and maybe it’s not as hard as we think after all , I actually don’t know because I have never seen one up close in person. What I do mean is that the color gold is difficult to paint with, especially if you’re using a paint brush. I find it easier when you are more haphazard about it and smudging it on with your finger here and there but what I’m doing in this current project is not that. So I’m finding myself trying to feather it in and make it look smooth when it really doesn’t want to. When you put on a little glob and you mean to come back and spread it out, you best not forget because it will show up for ever!

I was listening to a podcast today by Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheridan. It was one of their earliest podcast episodes and they are currently up to 172. I have also listened to that episode but for some reason Spotify decided I needed to go back to the beginning and listen to the first episodes. I’m not complaining, I didn’t get to listen to them the first time around so it was actually quite enjoyable having Louise and Alice conversing in my studio while I painted. I think somewhere around podcast number 2 or 3 they were discussing the reason for starting a podcast and Louise mentioned that when she first started painting she had no one to talk to that she could ask questions to; bounce ideas off of. There were plenty of artists in the area but many artists were a bit cliquey and not willing to necessarily talk with a beginner as they find out who they are and where they’re going. I feel that same loneliness at times in my studio. Lots of times actually. Sometimes it’s just nice to have somebody there to try new ideas with or show your new attempts to. I had one such friend here last night and it was truly a delight. Thank you Terry if you’re reading this. I was also a little sad last night because it became the last effort of our groups event called Evening Art.

Some people had previously expressed a desire to have a group get together in the evening because they work during the day and it would be better for their schedule so we accommodated and I even opened my studio for this purpose once a month. Free! The attendance was so low I finally had to decide it was not worth my time to be there all day and then also stay into the evening so last night was the last one. So thank you Terry for showing up and to the handful of people that have showed up over the past 6 months. Chris and Maggie to name a couple.

So anyway back to the gold, I will have to let this layer dry and see if I can touch up anymore areas after that.

Thanks for being here.


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