Placeholder ImageWho am I? When did I become interested in art?

Well I don’t know there was an exact moment, but as a pre-teen I enjoyed making flyers for church events; designing fancy arrows and such with markers. Later, in high school art class, I was introduced to acrylic paint – and loved it! Sophomore year I was enlisted as the teacher’s aide in art class… more love! In college I tiptoed into ceramics for a semester but art was set aside for many years as real life set in.

While pursuing a computer career for 25-30 years, I was once again able to create flyers, business cards and websites, digitally of course, along with teaching computer classes, all in the name of making a living. My artistic senses were reawakened during a 2 year period of Art Therapy and then after many years of the “computer career”, my inner voice (right brain) finally pulled me back into the art world in 2015 when I found a place to paint at the Art Garage in Peoria. I soon realized this was what I needed as my focus and not just a hobby.

I have fallen in love with many mediums (media didn’t sound right) acrylics, watercolors and inks, and finally merging some of them together led me to Mixed Media. I have to admit, I am just in love with COLOR.

In 2016 I began offering independent “Paint Nights” at various restaurants & churches in the area.  Later that year I began teaching “Paint Mornings” at a local college.

In 2019 I moved (expanded?) from my home ‘art room’ to a studio in “the city” at North Art Studios, large enough to create art AND hold classes!  YAY!!

If you’re interested in my art or the classes I offer, I can be found on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube under: “Brush with many colors” or visit my website: http://www.brushwithmanycolors.com.

And if you like what you see, feel free to buy me a coffee!
Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

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