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At least it’s not Friday!

Yup, it’s been a few days and I need to let you know I am still alive and kickin’! AND…. to help with that a few of us at the tudios are planning a Virtual First Friday… just a qwik peek at where we have been creating and what we have been creating… I think we have been creating things… I’ll have to put my thinking cap on! And along those lines… we have also talked about how to have a Virtual Small Business Saturday sale. There are NO businesses smaller than ours! That’s for sure.

Anyway that is what I have been up to this week… well that and I’ve been working on that course for Art Journaling Secrets… but shhh that is still under wraps.

It’s amazing how fast the summer flew by… I think because we really didn’t get to “DO” summer… and today… we had snow flurries… G R E A T …..

What’s in a Name?

Just start writing they say…. make it about something you know… they say… Ok fine. I Know Yesterday was a FULL day. I spent the morning on the phone with some problem I don’t even remember now. Then I went to the studio where I started to clean up in preparation for my afternoon class, but met up with a problem on my web site so I spent MORE time on the phone. I’m starting to dislike the phone… and ‘weird’ problems. One of a kind, problems. The kind no one can figure out. Well, we solved it, without figuring it out. (I REALLY don’t like that, I like answers to things)

We then had a class in Alcohol Inks which I always like. I get to show new people how to work with new materials…

this was one person’s goal…

not only is it difficult to re-create something but something that someone else made is even more difficult. But she gave it a noble effort and was rewarded with…

This one! I like it!

Teresa’s version

They seem bubbly and happy, like party flowers. 😉

Anyway we did have fun, as we do in most of my classes. Today was another example. We had watercolor group today and I provided a short tutorial on my pumpkin…

The group shot

and they turned out Great!! So Fun!!

If you’d like to join us, we meet every other week… you can find the info at this Facebook Group: Tuesday-Thursday Art. Or you can check out the class schedule for Ruth Inman Art under Events on Facebook, or by just going to my website: and click on Classes at the top.

Thanks for checking this out today!

Later Gators!


It was a Saturday…

Well it’s been a while and I have been mostly working on that digital course. I didnt get much feedback here to go on, so I had to spend time finding other avenues to get feedback… that took me away from my art… so I have not had much to post.

I’m getting rather tired of hearing all the election and political crap online… people on both sides moaning about how bad the other side is and how they can’t WAIT for the election, like that is going to solve all our problems. Wow, are they going to be disappointed! No matter WHO is elected, it’s not going to solve all our problems folks. Here’s my sign… I didn’t make it, I don’t have one, and it’s not in my yard, but it Would be if I had one.

No, that’s as far as that conversation goes….. 🙂 I have been making a little bit of art for my new Facebook group (Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed) since we have a month’s worth of prompts to help with ideas. Last night I made the one for today’s prompt, which I believe is Leaves… I love leaves… but I have determined I hate cutting them out!… so I didn’t. I traced some real leaves, then used each leaf as a stamp of sorts… painted on the leaf, and then stamped it onto the page in the outline I had drawn.. not a bad outcome. then I filled in some of the edges and outlined the spines in metallic copper. I do love the metallics. All of that was put on a combination of acrylic and watercolor background. I like it, so I called it a wrap.

Now I can move on to tackling Facebook Ads today… kinda messy because I have 2 ‘accounts’ somehow… under one login. I don’t know how that happens… but off I go. Oh, here is my new graphic in case you are interested. If you like mixed media, you might like the backgrounds I’m giving away in this offer. (Free)

Happy Saturday


Lil bit of this… Lil bit of that…

Lil bit of this… Lil bit of that…

I am working on a Digital course I will be launching in 2021 – it’s related to Mixed Media art… and I’m looking for a few people who might be willing to answer a few questions, just to make sure I’m addressing the correct needs.

If you would be willing to give me about 20 minutes of Phone Time – please Message, Text or Email me directly (Please do not post your phone # in comments) and we can set up a time. I’m hoping for some time over this weekend. Let me know a few times that work for you. I promise no longer than 20 minutes.

Now to the good stuff… I started a new group on Facebook this week. It’s called – Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed! There are a ton of people (30 so far!) that all like or are wanting to start Art Journaling! I think of it as Mixed Media in a book… that usually helps explain it.. anyway I am doing a Facebook live today at Noon (central time) which i think will leave a Replay available if you or anyone you know might want to watch it… we will be MAKING our own Cover for an art book. Fun Stuff!! So if you want to come over, it’s free to join the group, you might even find some stuff that’s fun to do. OH YA.. there is even a 30-day Challenge for you if you like “prompts” to help with ideas. Its in the Announcement section.

OH!! #2 – I found a new webite that has a VISUAL THESAURUS!! It is SO COOL..

You have to try this… go to this link and type in a word. 1st I tried CREATIVE… but even better, try FLEXIBLE ! It can really help you think of other words!

And lastly… I have been adding a few Online classes to my schedule. Held on Zoom. and I’m wondering how many people are interested in these or other ones I haven’t thought of. I am ONLY asking for Interest, this will NOT register you for one, but on my website, there is a form asking if you would be interested in 3 classes I have listed. Please check it out… check the box if one interests you… and put your email in. You will ONLY be put on the email list pertaining to the ones you choose.

If you have ones not on the list… Drop me an email or COMMENT on this Blog.. I’m Listening!!

Thanks! Oh.. you can send feedback here also!