My Daily Dose

Making our daily is a little more difficult than one would think. I do try to make sure that I do something everyday It may not be bringing a project to completion it may only be one small step. I’m going to try and get better about showing you what I’m doing each day since that is what I named this blog.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, inks

So I’m going to start with yesterday’s since it is now dry. By no means is it complete it is only the first layer of a project, but it’s what I did and I had fun doing it I will work some more on it today and hopefully take pictures before I leave my studio so that I can put pictures up of it tomorrow or Monday. Feel free to comment and let me know what you are doing in the way of art? I really want to know!

Stay safe and have a good weekend!


Spring is in the air!

I know it’s coming… I can feel it coming! Can’t you? The weather is so nice today It actually hit 59 I don’t know if it made it to 60 because I am now in my studio. I have decided I need to paint spring!

Uggg but first I need to clean off a spot to do it!


No seriously. I need help! What? You’re not here yet? LOL…That’s okay You were just most likely ask me where things go and I would spend all of my time directing you instead of doing it myself. Wait that actually sounds kind of good haha just kidding I actually like putting things away. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and then I can start messing it up all over again; isn’t that how it works?

Well I painted this yesterday

Emergence of Spring

So now it needs to be sealed and then it will be ready for a new home.

What are you doing to prepare for spring? How will you welcome it into your home or your lives? I would love to hear what you’re planning, we’ve had months to plan. Leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by.


Canvas and Frames and Boards, oh my!

Along the lines of organization I wanted to share with you a picture of the shelving system my husband built in the closet of my art room. As my collection of canvases started to grow I found I was in need of room to not only store them but organize them by size. This solution provided both.

This picture was taken a few years back before I moved into my off-site studio.

If you have organizational methods that you have used I would love to see pictures of them. While I know you cannot post pictures in the comments you can post links that go to pictures if you have them stored in a shared cloud or on your website.

On my next visit to my off-site studio I will take a picture of yet another storage area he built over there for frames and canvases.

I hope you all have a wonderful week creating art and if you need some inspiration feel free to check in on Facebook at Ruth Inman art or on YouTube where my channel name is… You guessed it, Ruth inman art 🎨

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Must Get Out

Venturing out after being home a full day being sick in bed… Destination pancakes! Where better than Original House of Pancakes!!

Best coffee EVER and strawberry pancakes

Sorry my picture took place after I cut everything up! I was so eager to dive into this luscious treat!

Well it seems I might have been a bit hasty in devouring a full meal… not quite healed but getting closer.

Thanks for checking in…