Have I really made art today?

I came to the studio early today for an appointment with someone on a computer related topic. Now, since it’s my “Off” week… I am free to do anything… Paint, … workshop catchup…. lunch… whatever. So today I looked in on the artist down the hall who is moving, and saw a couple of things I managed to rescue from her list of what to sell on Marketplace. One of which is a set of shelves I desperately need… so I came back to my studio and began cleaning off my workbench. They will go on the wall above the workbench but I need to be able to get to that wall.. This is one of those cases where I should have taken a BEFORE and AFTER photo… darn it. So not the workbench is cleaned off… as is the wall above it. Now tomorrow I can attache them to the wall!

Empty wall… Ready for shelves
The new incoming shelves

Also today, I visited Core Life Eatery for lunch and it was SO much better than the last time there. I can heartily say, don’t get the broth bowls…. but the TACOs are Great! You get to pick your ingredients or choose a pre-defined one… all made fresh and their choices of bubble cooler drinks are Great! I had “Fig, cinnamon, vanilla, apple cider vinegar” – Long name, I know… but Great on taste! I will return.

So I have managed to avoid making art today… I need to do that before I leave and I think I know Just what I’m gonna do!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


Re-Posting “What to Write”

I ran across this on someone else’s blog and thought it was so appropriate for those days you WANT to blog… but are just Blank… so this is from “Ruth Blogs here” (another Ruth! go figure)

What to Write?


Motivation a black hole abyss

Sometimes blog posts end up just like this

Just a short line or two

Make it rhyme, that’ll do

Stream of Consciousness? Bit hit and miss… 

Keep your dog alive… at Home.

Well, it has been a HOT couple of days… in the 90’s and some were HIGH 90’s – I don’t like this weather and we are still Technically in Spring!! I hate to see August and Sept…

So, dressed as cool as I can but still allowing for the A/C in my studio, I’m just finishing my breakfast and looking at the puppy dog eyes of my Shihtzu who wants to go to the studio with me. I wouldn’t mind, except for the fact that I need to stop a couple places afterward and I WILL NOT leave my dog in the car.

I have seen a few lately and it really burns me up… Dogs riding with people to the store… you think the dog ASKED to go to the store, knowing he’ll be left in the car? PEOPLE… STOP taking your dog with you in the hot weather.. have you not seen the videos or news articles of how hot a car gets in a parking lot?


Wow that’s a long link… in case that link doesnt work, here is a shorter version: https://tinyurl.com/m8nhk4u5

Windows open you say? BIG WHOOP! What is going to make the air CIRCULATE???? Especially when you have cars likely parked on both sides of you or even a truck that is taller than your vehicle. JUST LEAVE THEM HOME where they will be alive and happy to see you when you return. If you feel guilty, buy them a treat.

Last Chance for Art Journal Secrets

Last Chance for Art Journal Secrets

Last Day to Enroll

Yes, it’s a shameless plug. But it’s My blog so I can and I’m very proud and excited about my new course, I want everyone to have a chance to sign up for it. Enrollment closes at 6pm Central today – so if you don’t know about it and you like Art Journaling or want to LEARN ABOUT Art Journaling… Here is a link to the INFO sheet…. and at the top and bottom of that page there is a link to the Buy Now page.

I urge you to look at it if you haven’t already. Its so much fun… and relaxing… It’s amazing what happens in your brain when you create art… even just art for yourself that NO ONE else has to see… Ever! It’s Your journal, you can use it for whatever you want. I use my to explore new supplies, new techniques, and then decide if I want to use that supply or technique on a canvas or in a larger painting.

I have another I use to keep memorabilia from trips, vacations, outings. In restaurants I ask for a clean placemat (to keep) if mine gets soiled and i like the placemat, the other day I asked for a clean paper that they put in the bottom of the basket of fries I was served. I liked it and she happily brought me an extra!

A few weeks ago I kept the paper that held my silverware wrapped in a napkin because it had colorful peppers printed on it! I don’t have a picture of it here, it’s at my studio already preparing to become part of a wonderful art piece!

When you work with mixed media in a jounal or on a canvas you can utilize almost anything. Join my course and I’ll show you how. You deserve the fun and relaxation and you go at your own pace because you can download all the videos and watch them whenever you have time, over and over again.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Here is the link again, if you’d like to know more about it.