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The New Light of Day

My how things can change in a day. The paper I used turned out to be much thinner than I realized. It’s watercolor paper but a much lesser grade than I normally use. When you are putting a lot of liquid down you want the paper to be able to hold it. These papers leaked through to the table I was working on. Fortunately I keep a plastic cover on the table just for this reason.

So, to remind you from whence it came, here is the 1st layer’s photo from Thursday evening…

I worked on all 3 of these yesterday but only photographed 2 of them.The third one was off on a different table drying… Here are those 2….

Indeed… What a difference a day makes…I actually hate that I’m going to cut them up!! But that is what they were planned for so I’m sure it will be fine.

Have a great weekend!


Pictures will tell you…

Well they say pictures are worth a thousand words, and they also tell you to take a picture of art you have created and sometimes you can see something in it that you couldn’t see while your nose is buried in the art. So I took pictures. I looked at them on my phone and decided we need something bigger to look at them on and I need more opinions than just mine well… I don’t actually need more opinions but I would like more opinions. So I’m throwing this out there to you…this is where I was after meditation and journaling this morning. This is what came out. Raw, emotional, me. At least today. At least right now.