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Art and Wine Festival coming up

This week is a very hectic week. It’s my teaching week, and it is the week I am trying to get all of my artwork ready for a show I’m going to be in on Sunday, July 18th. It is the Art and Wine Festival at Mackinaw Vineyard. I love this show, I love the vineyard, the atmosphere. It’s just a really fun place to be. If you get a chance you should come out… there is a pond and I think there’s a fountain and a gazebo that goes out into the pond. There is a pavilion to get out of the direct sun where artists are displaying and hopefully selling their Wares. I love seeing all of the different things on display. There is also typically been music. One year there was a guy who reminded me of James Taylor sitting and strumming on his guitar playing very pleasant music. Another year was a trio of musicians who are equally as pleasant just a little bit louder. All in all it’s a very good show and makes for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Look it up! Mackinaw Valley Vineyard in Illinois. The show is from noon till 6 p.m. Maybe I’ll see you there!

This is one of the pieces I’ve been working on for the show, the texture in it is great! I have several others at the studio that I am putting wires on the back of this week. Maybe I will sneak a couple Peeks in tomorrow.


Last Chance for Art Journal Secrets

Last Chance for Art Journal Secrets

Last Day to Enroll

Yes, it’s a shameless plug. But it’s My blog so I can and I’m very proud and excited about my new course, I want everyone to have a chance to sign up for it. Enrollment closes at 6pm Central today – so if you don’t know about it and you like Art Journaling or want to LEARN ABOUT Art Journaling… Here is a link to the INFO sheet…. and at the top and bottom of that page there is a link to the Buy Now page.

I urge you to look at it if you haven’t already. Its so much fun… and relaxing… It’s amazing what happens in your brain when you create art… even just art for yourself that NO ONE else has to see… Ever! It’s Your journal, you can use it for whatever you want. I use my to explore new supplies, new techniques, and then decide if I want to use that supply or technique on a canvas or in a larger painting.

I have another I use to keep memorabilia from trips, vacations, outings. In restaurants I ask for a clean placemat (to keep) if mine gets soiled and i like the placemat, the other day I asked for a clean paper that they put in the bottom of the basket of fries I was served. I liked it and she happily brought me an extra!

A few weeks ago I kept the paper that held my silverware wrapped in a napkin because it had colorful peppers printed on it! I don’t have a picture of it here, it’s at my studio already preparing to become part of a wonderful art piece!

When you work with mixed media in a jounal or on a canvas you can utilize almost anything. Join my course and I’ll show you how. You deserve the fun and relaxation and you go at your own pace because you can download all the videos and watch them whenever you have time, over and over again.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Here is the link again, if you’d like to know more about it.


The New Light of Day

My how things can change in a day. The paper I used turned out to be much thinner than I realized. It’s watercolor paper but a much lesser grade than I normally use. When you are putting a lot of liquid down you want the paper to be able to hold it. These papers leaked through to the table I was working on. Fortunately I keep a plastic cover on the table just for this reason.

So, to remind you from whence it came, here is the 1st layer’s photo from Thursday evening…

I worked on all 3 of these yesterday but only photographed 2 of them.The third one was off on a different table drying… Here are those 2….

Indeed… What a difference a day makes…I actually hate that I’m going to cut them up!! But that is what they were planned for so I’m sure it will be fine.

Have a great weekend!


My Daily Dose

Making our daily is a little more difficult than one would think. I do try to make sure that I do something everyday It may not be bringing a project to completion it may only be one small step. I’m going to try and get better about showing you what I’m doing each day since that is what I named this blog.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, inks

So I’m going to start with yesterday’s since it is now dry. By no means is it complete it is only the first layer of a project, but it’s what I did and I had fun doing it I will work some more on it today and hopefully take pictures before I leave my studio so that I can put pictures up of it tomorrow or Monday. Feel free to comment and let me know what you are doing in the way of art? I really want to know!

Stay safe and have a good weekend!