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What’s new!?

Yesterday was a wine and art fair that I set up at …

…and although I had a beach-theme going I also had come up with something new to try out. I was trying to think of smaller items that might sell well at an art and wine Fair and (right or wrong) I came up with the idea of these mini sketchbooks.

The only problem I think I encountered is that perhaps people were more into drinking wine down sketching or creating art in little books. But I really think these are cute. It would have taken a good number of them to make up for the Boost fee but I never seem to have been concerned with making a profit in the past so why would I have started now? LOL

This one would have been priced at $10 had I remembered to take it. But I had painted the sailboat on it just the night before and left it out to dry. Therefore it got left behind.

Oh well I had several other Mini some with watercolor paper some with sketch paper the small ones were priced at $7 and the larger ones at $10. All of them with original art as their covers. Perhaps this line would have appealed more to artists I think when you go to a wine and art Fair you are looking to drink wine and possibly collect art for your home. Hopefully I will remember that by this time next year when I am trying to make a decision as to what should be on my table.

I did sell one painting, thank you Amy, and it was one of my favorites. I’m glad it went to someone I know. Have a great Monday and make it a wonderful week whatever that means to you.



Happy Saturday

Today is the 2nd Saturday of July… that means….Open Studio! So if you’re out and about looking for something to do keep me in mind I have my “tower of giraffes” on display and a whole bunch of abstracts. Did you know that’s what they call a group of giraffes? A tower. Now you do. Hope to see you there ….got to run. Bye

A Special deal for Special people

I know my audience isn’t huge and I know it isn’t all in Peoria Illinois but having said that I think you might know by now that I’m having an Open Art Studio event this coming Saturday May 14th. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so here is my special deal for you my small flock LOL if you come to my event and you tell me that you saw this post on my blog (because that’s what this is, my blog) then you will get $5 off any purchase $20 or more. And my eternal thanks.

Please share this image on whatever social media you have and I will also be eternally grateful. We’re really trying for a big crowd this month. Thank you.

It’s Monday morning, get your chirp on!

Well it’s Monday morning after Mother’s Day the weekend has settled down, and it’s time to move into the next week. What is up this week for you?

For me I have a full offering of workshops in my art studio.

Need to de-stress? ….. Tangle Art, Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Looking for a unique gift? …. I’ve got you covered on Thursday, design and paint your own Silk Scarf at 10 a.m.

Learn to play again! Come and be a kid at my Playful Paint day on Friday at 10 a.m.

And don’t miss the Open Studio on Saturday… no charge.

This is my lineup for the week, won’t you join me? You can register online or call me. Look here for further descriptions and my contact info.  www.ruthinmanart.com

But just for now I’m going to sit and listen to the birds singing their wake up song in my backyard…

Listen . . .