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They made it!

They made it!

Well the birds made it to their new (temporary) nest… or home. The pictures are bad due to the glare but a couple people that visited sent me some that weren’t as bad as mine! Thank you!!

A few people have asked if they will be for sale and I have decided yes… they will,… but in the 3-figure (each) range, so if you are interested email me for more info. If you want to go visit them, and they’d love that as much as I would!… they can be seen at Grand Prairie (open air) Mall in Peoria, IL The storefront has no name to identify it.. .but it’s located between Eddie Bauer and PINK.

Mom and Baby (some glare touched up)
Dad and Baby (retouched some glare)

YES, Mom’s legs are made of slinkys… but you should SEE her feet and toenails! and Yes, she is wearing a feather boa and matching feathers on her Hat (is that wrong somehow?) !

Meanwhile, Yes Dad is wearing leggings or pants that I sewed just for him! and they fit like a glove! I felt his red bow tie set off the mood perfectly in case his oversize sunglasses didn’t!

And yes… Baby bird is settled quite comfortabley in her grapevine nest… with a cute little has as well.

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As the weekend begins

This week indeed has been spent working on the bird Family Day after day. It is growing and I think it might be complete by the end of the weekend! Yes I attached those feathers one at a time… Some of these pictures you may have seen and I will post new ones today when I get to the studio.

But 1st this morning I have to pick up my art from the Time Gallery. I hope you have had a chance to go see it if you are in the Peoria area because it’s coming down at 9:00 a.m. After that I head downtown to the riverfront where the Peoria Art Guild’s Fine Art Fair will begin at 10 Am… I will be in the IAL booth until noon answering questions pertaining to membership with the Illinois Art League. Come on down!

After lunch it will be back to the studio and back to the bird family. Have a fun Saturday!

Three types of art

Wow I have kept my word and I have made things everyday but somehow I just haven’t found the time to blog about it. This morning I’m forcing myself before I do anything else to show you a few things I’ve been up to.

These I made earlier in the week

Note cards for that occasion when nothing else will do! Unique original handmade artwork on the front, with your custom message handwritten inside. Who wouldn’t love to receive something like that? This set is available now on my website for sale.

Next inspired by a bird picture sent by a friend, Judy, I drew this…

But he needs a name so I’m putting that out to you?

Yesterday I snapped some really lovely pictures of our sunset. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this.