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Three types of art

Wow I have kept my word and I have made things everyday but somehow I just haven’t found the time to blog about it. This morning I’m forcing myself before I do anything else to show you a few things I’ve been up to.

These I made earlier in the week

Note cards for that occasion when nothing else will do! Unique original handmade artwork on the front, with your custom message handwritten inside. Who wouldn’t love to receive something like that? This set is available now on my website for sale.

Next inspired by a bird picture sent by a friend, Judy, I drew this…

But he needs a name so I’m putting that out to you?

Yesterday I snapped some really lovely pictures of our sunset. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this.

Turtle Doves

Did YOU know what a turtle dove looks like? I Didn’t! So I turned to my trusted friend.. Google! and of course there were the few odd ones that tried to put turtle shells on doves but I kept on… and found a picture of a Real Turtle Dove!

Their feathers are colored and shaped somewhat like a turtle’s shell! But so pretty! Until I tried to sketch one. I admit I am NOT a drawer… never have been, but I can sometimes follow along with a picture to somewhat resemble it. So this is my sketch result AND the picture it came from. I’m sure it will look better after I throw some paint on it, and maybe some glitter! OK no glitter… (takes all the fun out). But I’ll check back with ya and let you know how it went!