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My Day

I was supposed to get my hair cut today but the mean boss overworked my hairdresser and we had to postpone. He had her moving furniture! Don’t get me started…So, I took matters into my own hands (with my hair that is) and didn’t do too bad of a job. But I’ll let her clean it up tomorrow lol

Afterwards I met a friend for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We get together every other week wherever the margaritas are cheap. 😉 I like this particular restaurant The staff is friendly and the food is good.

This particular time, since I have been collecting things to put in art journals, I happen to notice the wrapper around their silverware had chili peppers on it. I didn’t notice in time to keep mine in one piece It accidentally ripped in half. But I did notice people at the table across from us had theirs still intact. Yep you guessed it, I asked them if they would give me their wrappers. And they did! And hearing what I was going to do with it the people in the next booth behind us got up and came over and offered theirs as well.

Wasn’t that nice?! People can be so friendly I have found that more and more since this terrible covid situation. My only hope is that people continue to be as friendly caring and considerate as we have learned to be in the past year.

I can’t wait to get home and get these little beauties fastened into my art journal!

OH.. PS – I also kept the (Clean) foil wrapper they had put around my tortillas to keep them warm… that will make a nice shiny something in an art journal as well!

If you are an art journaler, what is one of the strangest things you have put in your art journal?

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