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Quick question . . .

Quick question . . .

I noticed this morning that I have 54 followers. I was impressed! So I’m thinking to myself let’s ask them a question and see how many participate participate in answering. PLEASE just scroll down to COMMENT for this post …

It’s an EASY 2 part question. The 1st part is simply yes or no.

1. Have you or have you not ever created an art journal or pages in an art journal?

2. Depending on number 1…

If yes, please tell (A) how you create in it and (B) Why you create in it? ( Like, what do you get out of it?)

If no, please tell why not? (i.e. Never heard of it, Don’t know what it is, Preconceived perception, You think it’s all about writing and don’t like to write, No one’s ever mentioned it before)

My latest 2 pages in my hand made journal (book)


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As the weekend begins

This week indeed has been spent working on the bird Family Day after day. It is growing and I think it might be complete by the end of the weekend! Yes I attached those feathers one at a time… Some of these pictures you may have seen and I will post new ones today when I get to the studio.

But 1st this morning I have to pick up my art from the Time Gallery. I hope you have had a chance to go see it if you are in the Peoria area because it’s coming down at 9:00 a.m. After that I head downtown to the riverfront where the Peoria Art Guild’s Fine Art Fair will begin at 10 Am… I will be in the IAL booth until noon answering questions pertaining to membership with the Illinois Art League. Come on down!

After lunch it will be back to the studio and back to the bird family. Have a fun Saturday!

The New Light of Day

My how things can change in a day. The paper I used turned out to be much thinner than I realized. It’s watercolor paper but a much lesser grade than I normally use. When you are putting a lot of liquid down you want the paper to be able to hold it. These papers leaked through to the table I was working on. Fortunately I keep a plastic cover on the table just for this reason.

So, to remind you from whence it came, here is the 1st layer’s photo from Thursday evening…

I worked on all 3 of these yesterday but only photographed 2 of them.The third one was off on a different table drying… Here are those 2….

Indeed… What a difference a day makes…I actually hate that I’m going to cut them up!! But that is what they were planned for so I’m sure it will be fine.

Have a great weekend!


Collage or Backgrounds, You Decide

Collage or Backgrounds, You Decide

Today, in my Facebook group, Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed! it was FB Live! day… and we created an Extended Page…. and one type of Pocket! I love showing new ideas and tips to people who are interested in Mixing their media types in art. Is that you? Does that describe you? If so, I have some collage papers you can download… yes, free! I created them so you have MY permission to print them to use in collages or mixed media as often as you like… just don’t print to hang or sell please. Here is the link to download them. I’d love it if you shared one of the projects you use it in. You can post pictures on my Facebook Group: Art Journaling Secrets Unleashed OR Ruth Inman Art – both groups are accessible.

Here is a sneak peek at the assortment… Then click the link above. I think you’ll like them.