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2 Arts in One!

Today I had two classes, two that I liked very much. In the first class we painted beach scenes on (wood) 10 x 10 cradled boards. It was fun, the people in the class were fun, and I think the paintings came out rather nice!

We even gave it a beach made with sand and some of us included birds in the sky. Perhaps I might add a sailboat at a later date or a small island out in the distance with a lone palm tree. Who knows?

In the second class we finished up a piece that we had started Tuesday, in our previous session of Zoom Art. It was a journey into learning some fauvenism techniques by looking at a handful of paintings by Henri Manguin. He used sketchy patches of color in his paintings. So we tried some of that.

I’m not sure about this one yet. Being random with your colorful patches is not as easy as you would think. But we had fun… and that is the most important thing.