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My Redbubble line?

Sometimes I forget to mention how much of my art is available on redbubble. This is a site where artists can upload their art and turn it into 50 different products with the click of a mouse! It’s quite ingenious really. There’s nothing like seeing your art turned into a shower curtain, bath mat, mask, a phone cover or 40 other things including now… jigsaw puzzles! One of my favorites to see it on are the leggings, socks, and mini skirt!

Just a very few of the choices of only one design

So if you think you want to gift or wear my art or have it around Your house, I invite You to check out my red bubble shop

And remember please that although I have roughly 39 designs available there, I have much more art not yet uploaded So if there is something you particularly like I would like to see what it looks like on one of the red bubble products, contact me and I will gladly upload it for you to see. No commitment required.

Go to Redbubble now!