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Today I was looking for some new pens. Sakura Pigma Micron pens. It’s amazing to me the sets available in stores and the varied prices. First you have to find the size you want. I don’t particularly like the 005 it’s a bit too much like trying to write or draw with a sewing needle. So I prefer the 01, 03 & 05 … and maybe the 08. Trying to find those has been quite challenging for me today. I did find one set of 16 pens I thought I’d love to have. it included those sizes and a few in between! I could suffer with it including an 005 but Michael’s in Westlake didn’t have that assortment, Amazon did for $29 – as a last minute thought I tried the website for Office Max/Depot/Staples (which is all one store now) and the SAME set was $51 SERIOUSLY???? Ok, may be time for a smaller set. I found a 6 pack that would do quite nicely… Michael’s… was Out of Stock. Amazon and Office etc didn’t even HAVE that set. WTH THIS is frustrating!

Time to call Michael’s and see if they are letting the public in yet. YES they are!!! Off we went to ENTER Michael’s. They had several sets and several loose ones so I could try them out. So much better and I even found a few I didn’t know I needed!

Who knew art supplies could make me happy at the end of the day!?

Hope you’re weekend is going well…

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