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Excuse me… but where did the 1st half of November go? You know the phrase Short Sheeting…. I think we are getting Short-Monthed! I certainly don’t know where 2 full weeks of this month have gone… but I do see these new things in my studio ….hmmm

Well there are more but I would rather you come see them in person… my studio will be open for Small Business Saturday (27th) from 11am – 3pm…Also available before that by appointment…


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Quick question . . .

Quick question . . .

I noticed this morning that I have 54 followers. I was impressed! So I’m thinking to myself let’s ask them a question and see how many participate participate in answering. PLEASE just scroll down to COMMENT for this post …

It’s an EASY 2 part question. The 1st part is simply yes or no.

1. Have you or have you not ever created an art journal or pages in an art journal?

2. Depending on number 1…

If yes, please tell (A) how you create in it and (B) Why you create in it? ( Like, what do you get out of it?)

If no, please tell why not? (i.e. Never heard of it, Don’t know what it is, Preconceived perception, You think it’s all about writing and don’t like to write, No one’s ever mentioned it before)

My latest 2 pages in my hand made journal (book)


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