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Patterns ‘n Things

I LOVE experimenting with things to make unusual marks on my artwork. Like using Bubble wrap, crumpled wax paper, papertowels with patterns and other pattern making things.. recently i found a silcone hot pad at walmart… and it’s honeycomb patterned! I cut it up and use it all the time now. THIS one has bubble wrap and this rubbery shelf liner I found .. it prints squares if you use one side and DOTS if you use the other! Both are used (red paint) near the top of this piece. Can you see them?

Patterns are a way of life. Life is a pattern… everything in our lives has or is a pattern… think about it… even the rug Im looking down at has a pattern. Leaves on the trees have them… So who are we to think we can make up a new pattern? All we can do is find ways to put them together in PERHAPS a new arrangement. Then, you are an artist. LOL Sorry, I didnt mean to get so philosophical on you. But in looking out the window… I can see the deer have been nibbling on my patterns… I er.. um… mean leaves… and hostas… and it rained again this morning… so they will all be lush for them tonite.

More patterns… the netting behind these trees… I believe that was from an onion bag!… I thought it somewhat looked like a fence…

I bet you can find a few patterns in this giraffe piece as well… made mostly with gelli prints!.

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The Good, The bad, and The ….

I know the rule about not speaking bad about our own work… ‘we are our own worst critics’ … but Sometimes you can work on something ….and work on it ….and work on it ….and it just doesn’t come out right. Other times you can just throw paint down on paper and it happens right the first time. What’s up with that? Is it just to make us question our ability ….or is it an exercise in perseverance?

acrylic on gesso on burlap

Well that’s what I decided to share with you today and I will let you decide which ones are The Good, The bad, and The what the heck is that?


By the way in case you’re not sure oh, these were all meant to be tulips at various stages of my art development.


Hope you had a great weekend! Now on with the week!