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Today I started out like any other day watching YouTube videos, looking things up on Instagram, and Facebook, and pinterest and suddenly I decided I had better get myself in gear if I was going to the studio.After getting dressed I looked out the door and what did I see? Snowflakes fluttering down gently from the sky. My husband said they won’t stick because the ground isn’t cold enough.

So off I went driving through the snowflakes. As it turned into a wintry scene I was beginning to doubt the part about not sticking. I stopped at Starbucks to pick up some nourishment some nourishment and then again add a local thrift store. By the time I got to the parking lot for my studio we end up with quite the Winter scene.

Now I am seriously doubting the no stick theory. However Alexa assures me that temperatures are going up and by 3 PM it should be In the mid 40s. Certainly that will melt what’s on the ground. Right?

OK then on with the show!! I am gathering tools and looking for my black stabillo pencil. We are going to collage today. I love collaging… it is freeing. Post ya later!