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Overcast day activity

Today was my watercolor card class. Technically it was more watercolor than card. I started at the beginning showing them how to make a value chart, which is very important if you want to learn how to make washes of a color.

From there we worked on using very light colors to indicate petals in the background versus dark colors of petals in the foreground… Like these corn flowers…

They did very well actually I think sometimes explanations help even more than showing someone how to do it. The why behind it is very important. So we had a corn flower day. A great activity for an overcast day.

My Daily Dose

Making our daily is a little more difficult than one would think. I do try to make sure that I do something everyday It may not be bringing a project to completion it may only be one small step. I’m going to try and get better about showing you what I’m doing each day since that is what I named this blog.

Watercolor, acrylic paint, inks

So I’m going to start with yesterday’s since it is now dry. By no means is it complete it is only the first layer of a project, but it’s what I did and I had fun doing it I will work some more on it today and hopefully take pictures before I leave my studio so that I can put pictures up of it tomorrow or Monday. Feel free to comment and let me know what you are doing in the way of art? I really want to know!

Stay safe and have a good weekend!


The Good, The bad, and The ….

I know the rule about not speaking bad about our own work… ‘we are our own worst critics’ … but Sometimes you can work on something ….and work on it ….and work on it ….and it just doesn’t come out right. Other times you can just throw paint down on paper and it happens right the first time. What’s up with that? Is it just to make us question our ability ….or is it an exercise in perseverance?

acrylic on gesso on burlap

Well that’s what I decided to share with you today and I will let you decide which ones are The Good, The bad, and The what the heck is that?


By the way in case you’re not sure oh, these were all meant to be tulips at various stages of my art development.


Hope you had a great weekend! Now on with the week!