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What’s new!?

Yesterday was a wine and art fair that I set up at …

…and although I had a beach-theme going I also had come up with something new to try out. I was trying to think of smaller items that might sell well at an art and wine Fair and (right or wrong) I came up with the idea of these mini sketchbooks.

The only problem I think I encountered is that perhaps people were more into drinking wine down sketching or creating art in little books. But I really think these are cute. It would have taken a good number of them to make up for the Boost fee but I never seem to have been concerned with making a profit in the past so why would I have started now? LOL

This one would have been priced at $10 had I remembered to take it. But I had painted the sailboat on it just the night before and left it out to dry. Therefore it got left behind.

Oh well I had several other Mini some with watercolor paper some with sketch paper the small ones were priced at $7 and the larger ones at $10. All of them with original art as their covers. Perhaps this line would have appealed more to artists I think when you go to a wine and art Fair you are looking to drink wine and possibly collect art for your home. Hopefully I will remember that by this time next year when I am trying to make a decision as to what should be on my table.

I did sell one painting, thank you Amy, and it was one of my favorites. I’m glad it went to someone I know. Have a great Monday and make it a wonderful week whatever that means to you.


…and how my week ended

Tuesday (I thnk) brought some good and unexpected news… I was awarded Honorable Mention at the Illinois Art League Member Show for my entry of “Peek“! I was thrilled and honored – Peek wanted to ride the rides at the carnival but he was too short…

“Peek” by Ruth Inman, 2021 (20″ x 16″)

Thursday I woke up with a frog in my throat… (Hmmm) … but I got thru the online class fine where we painted and ink detailed a cute little night time scene. Thenmy Friday morning class of 1 was ok, as we sit at a table that is more than 6′ apart, and I had no further symptoms at that point. Same for my 1pm meeting, they sat on “That” side… while I stayed on “This” side.

Next up was the Artist Meet ‘n Greet at the galery where my Ursula was on display, sitting up straight on her chair. I wore a mask most the time and talked with less than 6 people and left when my feet no longer wanted to up stood on.

Husband & I met for dinner, and after being turned away at 2 places for ‘no reservation’ we found a place that had a table for 2 outside. Dinner was wonderful, mostly raving about the cream of Mushroom soup. I have never seen it like this before and was quite skeptical… BUT OH MY GOSH! I have never tasted it so good! (Albeit they needed to strain the pepper? bits from the bottom of the soup) WOW!! – AND we had a very talented Sax player entertaining us on the sidewalk during dinner! He was wonderful… Thank you nameless sax player!

After dinner we walked the 2 blocks down to the small strip mall where MORE music was playing and a new winery had opened. We went inside as the music was so loud my head was beginning to hurt and conversation was impossible. The wine was good, I tried the mango moscato, but I eagerly await the Ice Wine they will be having in a couple weeks, arriving from California!

I was beginning to feel draggy so we went home after 1 glass of wine, where i sat in my recliner and basically fell asleep. I had began coughing a little bit before that, but by morning I had a full blown COUGH. (The kind from DEEP DOWN)… Not happy with this development, I did check my temperature and it was a little high for MY normal… so I did the respectable thing… got on the internet and arranged an appointment for a covid test. Sheesh… really? Best to be sure. So I am spending the day sitting at home watching the birds out my front window and maybe I’ll sketch a new one… maybe.

And THAT my friends…. is the REST of the story… (of the week)

Catch ya after my test tomorrow!

The Covid test came back Negative – YAY!! It turns out I have a Sinus Infection… Boooo….


A day of fun and preparation

Today was a pretty fun day.. I had 2 classes of art journalers… For both classes I asked them to look through magazines and find things that reminded them of summer. Then we cut them out and arranged a 2 page spread with them. Here are a couple of them One did not finish her gluing so I wasn’t able to take a picture.


The remainder of my day was spent taking artwork down to the spraying room and making sure everything had enough coats of varnish. I need to be sure these will dry by by Saturday so I can pack them up for the wine and art festival on Sunday. Apparently I will also be putting new wires on them Saturday as I had to order wire from Amazon.

Those are just a few I think I have eight or nine pieces in all to take with me. Ciao for now!

Art and Wine Festival coming up

This week is a very hectic week. It’s my teaching week, and it is the week I am trying to get all of my artwork ready for a show I’m going to be in on Sunday, July 18th. It is the Art and Wine Festival at Mackinaw Vineyard. I love this show, I love the vineyard, the atmosphere. It’s just a really fun place to be. If you get a chance you should come out… there is a pond and I think there’s a fountain and a gazebo that goes out into the pond. There is a pavilion to get out of the direct sun where artists are displaying and hopefully selling their Wares. I love seeing all of the different things on display. There is also typically been music. One year there was a guy who reminded me of James Taylor sitting and strumming on his guitar playing very pleasant music. Another year was a trio of musicians who are equally as pleasant just a little bit louder. All in all it’s a very good show and makes for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Look it up! Mackinaw Valley Vineyard in Illinois. The show is from noon till 6 p.m. Maybe I’ll see you there!

This is one of the pieces I’ve been working on for the show, the texture in it is great! I have several others at the studio that I am putting wires on the back of this week. Maybe I will sneak a couple Peeks in tomorrow.